Day 33: Where Did Everyone Go?

Day 33, sunny, cold, somewhat quiet and I am getting to the daily post a little earlier in the evening. Why you ask?

Because everyone left.

Yep, my wife and boys got on a plane about an hour ago to fly to Toronto for the weekend. I dropped them off and waved to them as they went to security around 4:30 pm.

Now that I am home, it is quiet and very weird. This is my first time being away from Charlie.

They are all back on Monday.

So now what? What do I do with all this time?

Well tonight is just about living in the moment of peace and quiet. Living in the moment of not having to put anyone to bed. Living in the moment of watching TV during dinner.

Let’s back track before I start looking towards what I will be doing.

The day started with Charlie sleeping through the night again and Harry waking up dry again.

I tell yah, these two impress me every day. This weekend marks the one-year mark of me toilet training Harry, so it is cool that now is the time he is doing a great job going all night without a pee.

The only down side is the cat love to start his moaning at 5:30-6 am which is a really downer when the kids are playing their part in the movie called Sleep Through the Night.

Anyways, the cat is old and won’t be changing his ways any time soon.

Harry went off to school very excited that it was Toronto day. He was telling anyone who would listen. I am sure his friends at school were thinking “brag much?”

I did my part and helped get the kids packed and any of the little things my busy wife may forget.

Charlie had a great nap and the final packing was done and we were off to the airport.

It was pretty rushed which was good. No time to be sad as they fam walked away for a plane ride. I gave Harry a hug, I wiggled Charlie’s big cheeks and kissed my wife .

She is a trooper doing the plane ride on her own with those two. I hope it goes well. Nana will be waiting at the other end at least.

So here I am. Quiet house, lots of time to do what I want and all I keep thinking about is how much fun it would be if everyone was here again.

I am sure that will pass. I like alone time. I need alone time. So this weekend is going to be great.

I have quite the t0-do list going. I actually have two columns going. All the stuff I want to do that is house work or chores and then I have the fun list that involves going out and enjoying myself.

Want to get a look? Well here are five of each list just to satisfy your wonder.

Chores: Empty central vacuum, clean car (inside/out), lower crib, clean out fridge and wash floors.

Fun: See a movie, buy new shoes, get some grocery and cook, catch up on blogging and sleep in.

Originally my friend from Boston was going to try to get up to visit but in the end it was too pricey and we both joked that I will probably enjoy being on my own better.

So that is a look at Day 33 on the PL.

If you don’t hear from me again until Monday, I dozed off and there was no kid around to wake me up.