Cereal Saves The Day

Just had a loud and a little frustrating dinner. Luckily, cereal saved the day.

Our 3-year old was having a tired, hungry, not listening, crying tantrum just as dinner was served. The classic, “I don’t want that” and “I want something else.”

After a lot of crying, talking and trying to discuss what the options were.

The thing that did it and seemed to turn the tide (for now) was the offer of cereal for dinner.

Now usually we try to stick to everyone eating the same thing but tonight was a special case. It was like trying to defuse a bomb with garden hose. It was not going to work.

Just to bring you up to speed, dinner was a tasty pasta dish with broccoli and a side salad. Pasta is usually a hit. Anyways, not tonight.

So we offered bread, fruit and a few other things that I can’t even remember.

Finally when all else was exhausted, it was time to offer up the sure thing. The one thing we know this kid loves. Cereal.

The shut the situation down almost immediately. Crazy.

Two bowls later, the boy was his old, happy self again.

So did we lose this battle? Will he now do the same thing every night to get cereal? I guess we will see. But we did point out it was a treat and not something that would happen every night.

Thank you cereal, you made the rest of dinner pleasant and enjoyable again.

Until tomorrow.

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