Dad vs. Mr. Independent

Watching our 3-year old son grow up by the day is fascinating to watch. It is hard to believe there is so much change even by the day. It blows my mind to look back a few weeks and months to see how much he has changed.

The latest change (for the good) is his full-blown independence. He wants to do everything himself without help.

This is most evident when it comes to getting dressed. He now fully undressing and dresses himself. It is amazing to see his brain works as he figures out where sleeves go, which shoe goes on what foot and how to put on a big winter parka.

For me, the hard part is just letting him do it. Sometimes it takes much longer than I would like and I try to help.

That is where Mr. Independent steps in. He says “no dad I am going to do it all by myself.”

This can even include him walking around the house to avoid any chance of help.

We are now working on the fact that it is okay to ask for help and he is slowly buying into this.

Now he will try his best until he gets frustrated (a new word he is using) and then will ask for help.

Other signs on the independence kicking in – he likes to walk 10-20 feet in front of me when I take him to school, he wants to turn the TV on and off himself and he does not want me hanging around too long after tucking him into bed.

In fact, he will just look at me with an annoyed teenage face and say “go dad.”

So this is not a battle between my 3-year old and me. It is more a battle between me and me to let my son just figure it out on his own.

I think we do a great job of not being always under foot and following every little move he makes. That is helping the independence I think.

The best part is, with a 2-month old to also care for, the independence sure makes it easier on mom and dad.