Big Green Egg Weekly: Happy Egg-A-Versary To Us

Outside of my kids and my wife, the Big Green Egg is one of my most favourite things.

It was just over a year ago when that beautiful green piece of art was dropped on my deck. The joy and great food it has provided us cannot even be measured. The price was steep but in a short time, the Big Green Egg has already paid for itself (in my opinion).

I am a lucky guy. My wife bought it for me last year after I toilet trained our son. Yep, you heard me. She bought me the best BBQ/smoker you can buy to show her appreciation. So not only do I have the best wife going, I also have the best BBQ.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Big Green Egg, it is an all-in-one cooking machine. It is a smoker, a grill, an oven and a piece of art. Regardless of whether there is smoke funneling out of it, people stop and stare at in on my deck. I should mention there is a walking trail behind our house.

The smell of meat and wood chips radiates for what seems like miles. Neighbours certainly know when I am cooking a feast.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the BGE:

  • Space-age ceramics and double-wall construction make the Big Green Egg durable and fuel efficient.
  • Natural lump charcoal gives your food amazing flavor.
  • With a lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, the EGG won’t clog the waste stream like metal grills that are discarded after a few years.
  • Ceramics won’t rust like metal grills.
  • You can cook in the EGG year around, even in rain or freezing temperatures.
  • The Big Green Egg cooks hotter than a gas grill; 750 degree heat produces steakhouse searing.
  • Bakes better than a brick oven – pizza, bread and even desserts.
  • The ceramic surface stays cooler than metal grills, so it is safer around children and pets.
  • The EGG maintains precise temperature to within a few degrees simply by adjusting the top and bottom vents.
  • You can cook for hours without adding more charcoal. Unburned charcoal can be saved for the next cookout simply by closing the vents to snuff out the fire, saving you money!

I can tell you that every one of those points is true. I can’t believe I used to have a propane BBQ after using the BGE for a year.

I used to not really get the whole smoking meat for several hours. I thought it was a waste of time for just that little bit more of flavour. Now I am a believer.

Okay, now you know what a Big Green Egg is, back to my history with it.

We have the Large Egg and is perfect for a growing family of four. I always find myself thinking how lucky my little boys are to grow up with an Egg on the deck. The thing will last forever. They will be firing it up for their 7th birthdays at this rate.

The egg has expanded my cooking skills. It has added a lot of fun and learning to making dinner.

Over the 54 weeks of Egg, I have cooked on hot sunny days, in the pouring rain, during wind storms and in the middle of winter. Nothing like shoveling a path out to your BBQ.

The food also have been quite the variety. From all the meals, there are only two that stick out that I was not happy with. And that is because I am super picky with my cooking. The food was fine, just not what I thought it would be.


I have smoked ribs, chickens, pork, corn and potatoes.

I have grilled burgers, steaks, dogs, sausages, veggies and chicken.

I have spent several hours making the best pulled pork that I can remember. The meat is perfectly cooked and always moist.

My favourite meal to date? When my in-laws were her last, we smoked ribs and they were the best ribs I have ever had. If you have a good BBQ sauce, patience and a Big Green Egg, you will turn into a good cook. It is almost a can’t miss.

It took me some time to figure it out. Learning how to get the temperature you want. There were some late dinners in the beginning.

But I have it down to a science now. Once you get the heat you want, the Egg will lock in for hours.

The real challenge is not opening the lid. It is like not being able to open a present.

This summer, I want to try new things. I am going to smoke a ham, maybe a brisket and continue with the usual. I never used to like chicken thighs. But now, they are becoming one of my favourite dishes. Chicken might be the best thing you can make.

When you cook steaks, you can sear them at 700 degrees and then finish them off at low heat. Most of the food that comes off the Egg is better than when you go out (and pay $$$$$).

And like an Apple product, there are so many gadgets and add ons, that the fun never stops. Currently I have a plate setter to make indirect heat possible.

I would love a wi-fi thermometer, a pizza stone and a few other items.

Can you tell I love this thing?

The Big Green Egg is an investment. It is the last BBQ you will ever buy. It will make you want to stay home and cook.

Soon I will get to teach my boys how to grill and make supper. They are never going to want to do the propane thing in their lives. Charcoal or nothing.

To close, I want to thank my wife once again for buying me the best present a guy could get. I know it is pricey, but if you really want to fire up Dad on Father’s Day, an Egg on the back patio or deck will do the trick.

I only wish it was more portable. I would take it with me everywhere I go so I could share just how good the food is that comes off that grill.

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  1. I don’t have an Egg but I do have a charcoal grill. Well, I have two charcoal grills. My old one was starting to look it’s age so I bought the side firebox attachment for it, did a little customizing of my own, and turned it into a smoker. I have a second grill just for grilling. Now that I’ve seen your review on the Egg I’ll have to keep it in the back of my mind for when I want to replace what I already have. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Brian, it is certainly a great investment if you are into the charcoal and smoking. Like I said, the up front price is scary. But if you do the math and base it over your life, it is worth it. Who am I kidding, I lucked out as I did not have to buy it.

  2. I’ve always wanted a Big Green Egg. I wonder if I could convince my wife get me one someday!

    • It was a dream and then the phrase – you do this and I will get you anything you want – came up and I went all in on the BGE. If you ever need a hand, I can courier over some food. Then your wife won’t be able to say no.

  3. Dan

    The BGE has been on my wish list for several years. Hopefully I can join your special club soon. Everyone I know who has one just raves about the results.

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