Day 48: Riding The Magic School Bus

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Monday, Monday, why did you come so darn fast. The weekend was a blitz. Today felt long and I even had moments of feeling like I was losing it. My patience was running thin and thankfully I made it until Katie got home. It was a tiring day on the PL. Charlie had me up before 6 am and then there was little chance to recover as both boys were not that into napping. At least the Magic School Bus kept things calm for a bit. The weather was sunny for the most part and that made for a lot of outside time. It must have worked because once the boys were put to bed, they were not heard from again.

A new week on the PL, here is Day 48

Who: Charlie

Like I said, the little guy was up at 5:30 am and not really interested in going back to sleep. I let him chatter for a bit and finally went to get him. I brought him back to bed and magically, I thought I got him back to sleep. But alas, he woke up and that darn tag on the pillow was way to interesting for him. We got up and let Katie sleep some more. Not the best start to the day. I would have liked more sleep. Good thing I did not stay up to watch the whole basketball game the night before. Morning and afternoon nap were not great. I am amazed the little guy made it to bedtime. Although I heard on the baby monitor quite a lot of cranky. Sweet dreams my man.

Where: Belchers Marsh trail

With both boys up early from nap, I had time to fill. With the sun shining it seemed like a no brainer to go outside. So we hit Belchers Marsh trail as it is behind our house. We looked for ducks, threw rocks and sat on benches. There were sticks and logs and all kinds of good stuff to check out. If you are ever in Clayton Park, I suggest checking out the trail. Wave when you walk by. Charlie likes the bumpy bumps of the gravel and I think Harry likes checking out all the people we pass.

Why: I was not checking Twitter

It was the season finale of Game Of Thrones last night. Last week I got burned a bit with spoilers, so today I was not going to risk it. I got caught up in the 50 minutes of alone time I had while the boys napped. In fact Harry came down as it was ending, so I may have to watch it again. He was not very interested in the Stark boys. Twitter is pretty bad for spoilers, so you did not get me today everybody.

What: The Magic School Bus

Harry’s latest love on Netflix. I think it just got added last week and we have almost watched all of the episodes. He is further a long than I am with Arrested Development. The Magic School bus is a cartoon that teaches kids about science as this school bus takes the kids of magical field trips. Think Innerspace but Lily Tomlin is the crazy teacher named Miss Frizzle. Harry loves it, so I would take a look if you have young kids and want a show that won’t make you feel like a horrible parent for letting them watch it. Warning, the song will get stuck in your head.

Photo of the Day

Afternoon tea with Harry.


From the Internet

BabbleWhat Of Fathers On Father’s Day

On Mother’s Day, surveys showed that Moms wanted time alone. They sought out some “me time,” a little space to relax away from the kids. So on Father’s Day, are Dads allowed to go golfing, sit in the basement and watch sports, head to the pub for some beers with the boys? No. The expectation of Fathers on Father’s Day is that they spend time with the kids. Let’s just call it Mother’s Day 2: Father’s Day.

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