Benefits Of Drawing for Kids


Today I am excited to feature a guest post by Kathleen Wilson. She reached out to Like A Dad, asking to share her thoughts on the benefits of teaching our children arts and crafts. How could I say no.

Drawing is typically seen as a great past time for kids; keeping them busy while giving parents a little break to clean or pay bills. Here is some great news, not only is drawing fun for children but it also provides huge health benefits as well.

One great benefit that drawing provides kids is that it stimulates brain activity and development. Drawing stimulates a child’s brain to grow which results in better observation, perception and critical thinking skills.

In addition, drawing also helps children develop problem solving skills. All of these skills will transfer over into real world benefits, such as being successful within the classroom. The more a child draws, the more fine-tuned and developed these skills become.

Another benefit is that drawing develops children’s fine motor skills such as holding and hand eye coordination. At a young age, a child will have little to no fine motor skills, which causes them to grasp the marker or pen in their fist.

The more they draw, the easier it is to make lines/scribbles where they want because their wrist and fingers are becoming stronger and easier to control.

Many toddlers enjoy the rhythmic and repetitive process that drawing provides, which makes drawing a physical experience for them.

A child’s literacy and verbal communication will also develop faster with drawing. Since the beginning of time humans have been using drawings and pictures as a form of communication, and this is no different with children.

They are able to tell a story with their drawings, even if it only makes sense to them. Their attention to detail will also develop the more they draw.

Drawing also encourages and flourishes a child’s imagination. This is huge these days with the increased technology such as video games and television. Toddlers usually do not set out to draw something specific, but draw lines and scribbles.

After looking at their drawing, many become surprised when they see something in their scribbles, which is why drawing is so great for their imagination.

As children get older they are able to specifically draw something that they have in mind, in as much detail as they can imagine or want. At an even older age, children move into a more realistic stage, drawing what they observe or see versus the made up drawings they had previously made.

Drawing can also be a huge stress reliever in children in addition to being a way to battle boredom. Stress can have huge damages on children in many ways, so drawing is a way to release this in an artistic form.

This also teaches kids at a young age that there are outlets for their emotions. By providing the option of drawing during emotional times, it allows the child to put their emotions on paper and to escape from their thoughts for a little while.

Drawing also fuels self-esteem and self-confidence, which are both very important things to have at a young age. Many children take pride in their drawings or colorings, which in turn causes a higher level of self-confidence.

Drawing can also help a child express themselves and learn who they are. Drawing also forces a child to see their mistakes, come to term with them, and eventually become comfortable with them.

When children draw, they typically draw new things, which allows them to become comfortable and confident with trying new things. All of these factors have a huge impact on their confidence, and most parents will agree that forming a sense of confidence is huge in a developing child.

Obviously the benefits of drawing for kids are huge.

Not only will it provide huge mental and developmental benefits but it can provide a little get away for your child. The benefits are endless and there are hardly any drawbacks, so why not let and encourage your child to draw as much as they can?

This guest post was written by Katheen Wislon. Kathy believes in saving the world one doodle at time. She does this at her site

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