Asking #Swifferdad Spokesman Anthony Anderson The Tough Questions

Recently I went to New York City as part of a Canadian media contingent to cover an event put on by Swiffer. The occasion was to showcase how Swiffer is supporting and standing behind all the men who clean.

There was a video launch of real dads sharing their stories, as well as a small discussion hosted by Anthony Anderson. Anderson of course is a well-known dad on and off-screen. His latest role on “Black-ish”, is where you probably know him best. That being said, “The Departed” was on while I was in my hotel room and what do you know, he was in that too.


Want to read the #swifferdad experience from another dad? Check out Casey Palmer’s detailed take on the events of New York City. 


It was great to network with other dad bloggers, chat about the “modern dad” movement and of course getting to have a quick sit down with the TV star.

Anthony was down-to-earth, funny and was just like any other guy there. No entourage or celeb persona. It was like chatting with a friend.

I watched and listened to all of the questions he was being asked. Mostly about fatherhood, cleaning, his acting career and so on. I wanted to stand out. I knew I was only going to get a few questions.

My first experience with Anderson was back in my teenage days. On a Saturday morning show called “Hang Time” on NBC I believe. So I knew he liked hoops.

I even referenced the show in an Instagram photo that thankfully one fan got.

My Turn To Interview

I sat and waited my turn and finally it was my time to ask my question. Was it about being a dad? Was it about cooking on the Food Network? Nope, it was this.

I of course did follow-up with an actual question related to being a dad. But it was great to get a laugh and surprise him with a question out of nowhere.

Here is the remainder of my interview. It’s hard to hear my question. I asked – With Society always pitting moms and dads against each other when it comes to cleaning etc. do you think we will ever just reach a point where it’s just parenting?

He also asked me for my MVP pick. We agreed.

I wish there was more time to ask questions and chat. I went near the end of the list and like most media events, time gets eaten up. It was a lot of fun to get to ask the few I did. The guy is a legit dad who loves talking about his kids and his parents and how he wants to help spread the word that dads do housework and pull their weight at home.

I loved how during the session, a phone rang and Anthony called out the person in a nice but also embarrassing way. Like I said, he was just one of the guys.

Thanks to Swiffer, Citizen Relations, P&G and everyone who made the event a lot of fun.

I got to meet and chat with some other dad bloggers who I have been networking online with for months. Now there is a face to the online voice.


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