All Pee And Poop In The Toilet Please

After yesterday’s tug on the heart strings, I figured I would give my sister-in-law’s makeup a break today. There is a lot to laugh at when you have kids, especially when they are just learning to do something for the first time.

Words becoming sentences, walking becoming running and peeing in a diaper, well, it becomes peeing everywhere.

Charlie is doing awesome with his potty training and I have to give all the credit to his daycare. They have him pretty much done. He goes days and days without an accident and wearing underwear. It’s great.

At home, it took a little longer for him to want to use the potty, but he is now doing it. The hilarious part is, he does not like attention, help or anyone around basically. He loves the peace and quiet of going when he wants.

It will be dinnertime and Charlie has since left the table and you assume he is playing. Then Harry will go look for him and he can’t be found in any of the play spaces. We call out for Charlie. Then a little voice is heard from the second bathroom. Yep, he is in their sitting on the toilet having a pee.

He does not want help getting up there, getting down or putting his underwear back on. It’s hard not to laugh when he comes back all proud and is wearing his underwear so wrong.

Now, it’s not always a success in terms of a clean situation. Sometimes he just goes on the floor next to the toilet. Sometimes he does not make it. Sometimes he goes to have a poop, drops a number 2 and then tries to clean himself up, getting poop all over himself and the bathroom. It’s a process.

The point is, he is following through with the actions. He is no longer just smiling at us and peeing anywhere he stands. You know that mischievous little smile.

Another mystery that was not solved for days, we have been calling the case of the missing diaper. Charlie still wears pull-ups for nap and over night. It’s not fair for him to have to lay in wet underwear while sleeping. So one day on a weekend, Charlie had his usual nap. I put him to bed in a clean diaper.

Katie went in later on to wake him up and he was sleeping naked and the diaper was nowhere to be found. We looked all over the room and nothing. For a split second I even considered that he ate it.

We let it go for days wondering what happened to this diaper. Then the obvious hit us. He must have taken it off and put it in the diaper pail like he has seen his parents do a million times.  Again, great work Charlie.

Is it fun sitting on a wet spot on the couch? Of course not. But when you are potty training a kid, you have to expect things like that to happen. Your only hope is things progress to a point of all pee and poop go into the toilet.


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  1. Blame it on the rain

    Sorry, MC. Tearing up again over: “what happened to this diaper. Then the obvious hit us. He must have taken it off and put it in the diaper pail like he has seen his parents do a million times. Again, great work Charlie”

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