Pooped In The Toilet? What The Heck!


Yes that is not a spoiler alert. Poop in the toilet has now happened twice. The bummer part would be that Charlie did both glorious moves at daycare and not home. We are still trying to get him to do his business at home. He is a champ at daycare. But we are getting there. Diapers are being phased out and will only be used for sleeping.

Charlie gets so happy when you talking about wearing underwear and using the toilet. He is quiet proud. As are we.

The other enjoyable addition to Charlie’s ways would be his catch phrase of “what the heck”, and the perfect timing he already has when using it.

When the phrase first started, it was just words he blurted out because he heard other kids doing it. Now he is a character on his own sit-com.

Harry will say something along the lines of “that car has blue wheels”, and without missing a beat Charlie will drop his saying with precision comedic timing. He even adds a little gusto on the last word, so it sounds like HECK!

It’s pretty funny to hear and despite his continuation of the tyrannical twos, he makes us laugh more than us wanting to trade him in for a wine fridge. Oh stop, all parents have their own wine fridge moment.

The boys are growing and changing so fast. Pants that Harry had trouble keeping up in January, now fit snuggly around his waist. Shirts that used to cover Charlie’s butt, now hardly cover his belly. We can’t keep up.

Charlie actually has almost jumped a rung on the hand-me-down ladder. How did that happen. He is kind of skipping the whole 2 and 2T stage. He is already into all things 3 and 3T.

We got new rubber boots for both boys yesterday and Charlie has much bigger feet at 2.5 than Harry did. I guess that is what makes it so much fun and new. They are not going to be the same in a lot of ways.

Other stuff

  • My brackets are pretty much done. All I have left is Kentucky. Like the rest of the world.
  • What is fun is how Harry loves keeping score and updating the score when watching the games. The kid knows his numbers.
  • I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. The boys are ready to explode when kept inside for too long.
  • PVR is still not working correctly.
  • Raptors are still not working correctly.
  • It’s nice to hear from family and friends who read the blog.
  • Short week this week, let’s make it a good one.