What the Rising Number of Single Dads Says About Fatherhood in General

While on vacation, I wanted to share other writings that are about dads. This article I found interesting as you tend to think of single parents as just the moms.

Is it a good or bad sign that the number is single dads is exploding? Would love to hear what you have to say.

 From The Atlantic

But single dads haven’t just increased in absolute numbers. They’ve also increased as a percentage of all single parents. Back in 1960, single dads made up only 14 percent of single-parent headed households. Today that number has climbed to 24 percent–almost a quarter. Men’s rights advocates would have you believe that feminism has systematically prevented men from gaining custody of children. Yet, according to this data at least, it seems like the (limited, but real) feminist gains of the last 50 years have actually coincided with greater parity. It’s hard to say whether this is correlation or causation, but either way, it looks like folks who want more men getting custody should be rooting for more feminism, not less.

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I have imagined to myself if for whatever reason, could I be a single dad? Now, I hope to never be in that boat, but I think if it ever came to that, I could do it.