Kids, Cottage And The Summer Vacation


Well we survived the hot weekend in Halifax. Whoa, that was steamy. That is the first time since I moved from Toronto where I could feel the air around me. We are all glad it is over.

It is great to see our baby sleeping again without a glaze all over his body.

It is cool and raining right now which is perfect. A day to cool off and a day to pack for the cottage.

We are leaving tomorrow for just under a week to have a giant family get together in Thousand Islands Park in New York State.

We went last year for a similar trip but that was with just one kid.

Now with the baby, it will be a whole other ball game.

Thankfully we were able to make it work to fly and not drive. The drive from Halifax last year was a fun adventure, but with the two boys, it seemed like a bad idea.

So we will fly to Ottawa, rent a car and go the rest of the way.

It will be great for us to all be away and out of the usual routine. It will also be great to be around so much family and friends. Many of them have not met Charlie, so that will be fun.

Although not that long, this will be our summer vacation for this year. So, we plan on making the most of it.

I will share more about the adventure and post photos when we are back.

Most likely the topics will be:

  • travelling with two little guys.
  • how to keep boys entertained away from home.
  • spending time with a lot of family – pros and cons.
  • just what is corn hole?
  • American vs. Canadian beer.