Update: Charlie And The Up Late Factory

This is a follow-up to the post called – Help, We Have A Two-Hour Charlie. First thanks to those who left comments offering up advice and sharing some war stories of their own.

So to update you since we had that stretch of little sleep and feedings every two hours, I can say, things have gotten better. I say better because it certainly is not worse. Things are ideal yet but we are certainly managing much better.

Three things have been added into the mix since.

1. Rice cereal.

2. Formula before bed.

3. Dad is taking his turns putting the baby to bed.

So we started with rice cereal every night just before we had dinner. He loves it. Could not be more happy. We have actually started giving it to him for breakfast as well. So that is two bowls of cereal per day.

We also introduced formula over the weekend. So, the story with that is pretty funny. We had guests on the weekend, the in-laws, and of course that meant having extra help.

The wife and  I got to go out on a date Friday night and that meant grand parents and formula.

Wouldn’t you know, the baby poured back 11 ounces of formula before finally passing out. He slept until 5amish. That is the longest he has slept in some time.

Was it the formula? Was it having Nana put him to sleep?

Anyways, things have been pretty okay since. Not 5am okay but at least more than every two hours.

So now he is packing away cereal, formula and breast milk all day long.

He is a big kid and not even chubby or rolly. Just big. He actually looks quite comfortable in a pair of 6-month jams.

His body style is way different from his older brother and based on the way he eats, that is going to stay true.

So sleep is pretty much back to normal and my wife looks like herself again. Sure we would like him to sleep through the night but it will happen eventually.

I guess the thing we learned from all this is, you just have to  stick with it and try new things and accept that it won’t be the same as kid number one.

So that is the update. Hopefully next time I can report the all night sleep.