Time For Soccer Training To Continue

Soccer, football, kick ball, waste of time, whatever you call it, we are continuing it tomorrow. The 3-year old is signed up for kiddie kickers as part of the city recreation league and I think I am more excited than he is. It is an indoor program as we have lots of snow and ice here in Halifax.

It will be getting active like a dad. Trying to relive the glory years through the boy.

Last winter we did parent and tot soccer, which basically was a bunch of 2-year olds running around a gym for 45 minutes without a care in the world.

This time as far as I know, there is some structure and a teacher. How will Harry take to it? No idea.

But we are going for the next seven Saturday mornings. Mom will get to stay home with the 3-month old sleeping and having hopefully a quiet morning. Until the men get back that is.

Harry loves soccer, he is a great kicker and even understands the concept – kicking the ball into a net. The thing he is not into is playing soccer with other kids and not his dad.

I played soccer most of my life, so I am pleased to see his interest. But I am not going to force the action. If he does not want to play, we will watch. I bet it will be a lot of fun and he will warm up to it eventually.

If it is like most things, he will warm up to it five minutes before we have to leave. That is pretty classic for Harry.

Also the prospect of a special treat after usually keeps his interest. Now that he likes the taste of tea, we will probably head out to Tim Hortons for a snack.

I will report on how it went over the weekend.

For more information on the program we signed up for, check out the HRM website.

The Premier League is only 15 or so years away, so I hope he takes to the game. No pressure.

Playing soccer with my kid, like a dad.