Shower Time – So Long Bath Tub

shower time

As a parent, you have probably spent some serious time bent down next to a bath tub. Kids get dirty and a bath is just part of life. Well, until it isn’t.

Our new house does not have a tub in the main bathroom. We knew this going in. But it does have a kick ass shower that made us overlook the logistics of a tub.

There is one in the basement, but that room needs a serious visit from Bryan Baeumler or something. So, Katie and I just kept saying it was time to convert the boys to showers. Now the idea of showering has come up before, but both boys acted like we were going to cancel the Internet. It was a no go.

So we moved, we got settled and the first night arrived where we had to break up the routine. No more bath time. It was shower time. The irony to me was that things were probably going to get really messy when the topic of getting clean came up.

Shower Time

But, the boys were pleasantly game. They liked the idea and that was a little surprising. Of course the first time would be the hardest so we pretty much let them do whatever to feel comfortable. Sure bring in those toys. Sure go in together. Short of having a beer chair like some college freshman we were trying to make it as calm as possible.

Then the defining moment. The boys realized the new shower was one that came off and was basically a water gun. Case closed. The boys became shower guys in an instant.

Sure the actual washing was slow, but they did enjoy spraying everything else but themselves.

We are now almost a week in and shower time is going great. They go in one at a time, do their washing and playing and move on. It’s so funny to see both of their faces when the warm water hits their backs. They mumble in this soothing voice something like, ooooh that feels so nice. Yes guys, we have been telling you forever the wonders of a shower.

One day we will spruce up the basement bathroom (mostly for Katie’s sake), but for now shower time is full speed ahead.

Shower Time Advantages

  • No waiting for tub to fill.
  • No kneeling on the floor.
  • No chance of distractions from toys.
  • No having to wait for a kid who refuses to get out until water has drained.

Shower Time Disadvantages

  • Random spraying when you are trying to help.
  • Peeing.
  • Fights over who gets to hold the sprayer.
  • Parent seems to get a lot more wet than when it was a bath.
  • They never want to leave.

Are your kids taking showers yet? Was it hard to make the transition?