See You In Hell Diapers

This week was a turning point in our parenting lives. We changed our last diaper. Okay, let me rephrase that. We probably changed our last diaper. There is still always a chance as they say.

But let’s focus on the present. We finally pulled the plug on Charlie’s night-time pull ups. Why? Because we had a hunch he was being a bit lazy when it came to doing a number 2. For months now, Charlie has practically been potty trained. I don’t remember the last time we sent diapers to daycare. But….

He never did number 2 at daycare. He would save it up for that glorious time when a pull up was put on. Every night after about 10 minutes in bed, he would do his business. It was frustrating on so many levels. It meant two diapers per night. It meant Harry had to walk into a stinky room to sleep. It meant messy hands for mom and dad. It was not fun. Heck, some nights Charlie would even smirk at us like it was a big game.

So we finally said, screw it, you are either getting up or you are just pooping into your jams.

I can happily say that after almost a week, it is working. He now gets up and goes to the potty for everything. Sure there are a few damp nights but that is way better than finding a stinky pile of you know what.

We are quite proud of Charlie. I can’t fault him though. If you could just lay there, do your business and someone else comes and cleans up, wouldn’t you consider it?

Be honest.

I am glad it worked because we were running out of options. Bribery was not working. Hell, the kid was going to get pretty much whatever he wanted for not soiling his diaper each night. Money, cars, cash, nothing was working. Happy that the prospect of laying in your own filth finally did it.

It’s so refreshing to walk in the boy’s room to put Harry to bed and not get slapped in the face with that smell.

I know it will happen again, but I am happy we are on our way to being diaper free.