Remember To Stop And Look At Your Kids


The last few months have been a blur. Going back to work and Charlie starting at daycare really changed things in our house. During the week, we really only see the boys for a few hours. It sucks. But that’s life. The thing I need to keep reminding myself to do, is to just stop and look at the kids. They are changing so fast and I feel like I am missing things.

New words, faces, laughs and much more are occurring more and more. I think I am seeing them, but they are not having the impact they used to. Maybe it is because we have two kids now and each thing is not a first. Who knows.

But Charlie is such a different kid from Harry, that I really need to start celebrating those differences. He makes me laugh almost every time I see him. Such a cheery guy.

Harry, he is not even a little kid anymore. He is a tall, smart and well spoken boy. Yes he is 5, but I swear he is really 7 or 8. The scary part is I am going to blink and it is going to be true.

Slow down life.

When we only had 1 kid, everything was in the spot light. No matter how big or small, it seemed like Katie and I had the time to see it, digest it, talk about it and pop it in the memory bank.

With Charlie, I don’t feel like I am doing that enough. Things are crazy. Our small amount of time together is all about something being dinner or trekking to and from school, or trying to carve out an hour of no kids just to relax.

I don’t even take as nearly as many photos as I used it. I probably went out of control with Harry, but the photo taking has dropped off to only a few per week now.

The boys are by no means boring, they are the complete opposite. I just think they move so fast now, that it’s hard to sit back and enjoy the little moments.

Do you find that with your kids? Weeks fly by where you just think to yourself, where did the time go.

Bottom line, I am going to try to get back into just enjoying everything they do good and bad. I don’t want all my time with them be filled with process and getting annoyed with them.

That is my two cents on a Friday afternoon.