The Pink Eye Of The Beholder

They liked to be called the pink eye brothers. You don’t want to mess with them.

If you have kids, odds are pretty high that you have had an outbreak of pink eye in your house. We are currently living that dream.

Both boys, different eyes and loads of fun when it comes to medicating them with drops.

Based on how Harrison acts when it is drops time, we were pulling out his lungs, shining them up and sticking them back in. Yes, he hates it.

Although, he has given in after a few days and as long as we follow his process, it does happen.

Charlie was ground zero when it came to our house. We are pretty sure he picked it up at daycare as everything and anything spreads like wildfire there.

But Charlie brought it home to pass around. Luckily, neither I or Katie have gotten it, which is surprising since we are constantly getting rubbed on with eyes, hands and other icky things.

We hit Charlie with polysporin drops and it seemed to push things along fast. But then Harrison got it and his was not going away.

Even with drops, he still looked like he had pulled five all-nighters. Poor guy.

So finally, everything reached a head when Charlie got pink eye in his other eye and daycare asked us very kindly to get our kids out until they are better.

That meant it was time to reach out for medical help.

So yesterday we spent our morning at the walk-in clinic waiting to get a professional opinion.

The verdict – Pink eye!

But it seems it is super pink eye or something as much stronger drugs were needed.

Now we are on stronger and goopier drugs that should clear things up fast.

The timing is okay, as it is the holidays and we are home anyways, but we don’t want the boys missing too much school (for many reasons).

This is our first tastes of pink eye, which is probably pretty good as we do have a four-year old.

I gotta say, it is not that appealing to look at and the drugs needed are not cheap. Let’s hope everything runs its course and all the eyes in our house are back to looking fresh and clean.

No more pink eye!

Oh for those of you wondering more about Harrison’s “process”, he needs to lay in the chair in his room with his head back. He has to have his eyes closed and only two drops are allowed. We are also not allowed to give his Transformers eye drops.


  1. Nice review Michael Cusden. I tell you, I’m loving your blog more each day. I definitely will be featuring you in a blog post very soon.

  2. I can handle poop, pee, vomit and more but pink eye grosses me out beyond all measure. I become such a germ-a-phobe whenever it comes to our house. Which means I am typically the only person who doesn’t get it. Anytime now my eyes seem remotely red or itchy I am reaching for eye drops.

    Good luck, and good health.

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