He’s Got 99 Mood Swings, The Bath Fixed None

Tonight was my bath night with the 3-year old. Normally a joyour occasion full of soap, laughing and the occasional tub fart.

This night however was not one of those joyous ones.

Already a tired tantrum going on as the water ran, it took every trick in the dad toobox to get him in the bath on this night. Screaming, trying to talk while having no breath, snot, so much snot and I did not even have the soap out. It was a quick bath. Basically enough to justify even running the water.

Not even a warm towel hug helped out. No this was a mega tired tantrum. So what did I resort to in order to change the landscape of bedtime.

I talked into his fan that we run at night. A silly fan voice did the trick. Go figure. Now he was laughing and being the normal kid again.

PJs on and it was time to read Rudolph again. Every day and night, Rudolph and his merry band of misfits.

Oh well, at least the meltdown was over and bed time went ok. Oh by the way, this post took over 30 minutes to write because there were two more pee trips or what we like to call stalling moves.

I think he is finally out. Now time to go downstairs and visit in on the 2-month old.

Good thing I have a team mate in this game or I may go crazy.

Dad pro tip: When in doubt, do something very silly.