First Rule Of Dad’s Club – Don’t Forget The Diaper Bag


This is a post I did for HRM Parent that originally ran on August 13th.

A Dad’s Life: Diaper Bags!

Forget American Express, as a Dad of young kids, you should never leave home without a diaper bag.

Don’t assume it is packed already. Don’t assume that Mom put it in the car. Don’t assume that your wonderful little guy or gal won’t take the opportunity to make you wish you remembered.

It will all come crashing down without one of the most important accessories a parent has.

I am sure we have all been there. Out of the house with the kids and an accident strikes, usually of the smelly and messy variety.

Where are the extra diapers? Oh, no biggie they are probably in the diaper bag where your better half so smartly keeps them.

Wait, where is the diaper bag? Yep, on the table by the door at home.

First rule as a parent when leaving the house with the kids who don’t know how to use the bathroom yet, you must take that diaper bag with you.

Even if it is to the store down the street and you only plan on going for five minutes. Throw it in the car. It can’t hurt.

The reason I am bringing this up is that in the past week I have read more than a few tweets mentioning a dad who was trapped out of the house without a diaper when it was very, very, very needed.

Mom is not always there to swoop in and save the day.

I, fortunately, have never learned the hard way. I always take it. I take it anywhere we go in the car. Even if it is a store that only carries diapers, I am still taking it.

The diaper bag is a parents tackle box.

It should have everything you need to survive the wild for at least a few hours. Diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, sunscreen, extra clothes and whatever other weird odds and ends you think you will need to keep your kids from having a meltdown.

I like to be prepared for anything. Short of a Zombie takeover, I believe I am ready.

I also remember a recent situation from the Halifax airport where a dad and young daughter were walking around the airport pretty much begging for an extra diaper because they ran out. Their flight was delayed and they only had planned on needing a few.

We of course gave them one but it makes you realize you should always prepare for the most crazy situation.

Dads, the diaper bag, fully stocked of everything you need, is one thing you should never leave home without.

For all parents living in the HRM, checking out HRM Parent is a must.