Fast And The Furious: A lot Changing For Charlie


Is time going faster than normal? Did we just not have our second baby? In only what seems like a blink of an eye, we celebrated our son’s 10-month anniversary on the weekend.

10 months!? It feels like we just brought him home.

Yep, Charlie is growing fast and furious and that means a lot of changing things up in the house.

He seems way ahead of the game when comparing him to his 3-year old brother, but when looking back at photos, the difference is not as great.

Yes, Charlie is doing most things quicker, but then again, he has someone to watch and learn from right?

Over the last few weeks, I have felt this speed in progress mostly because I have been doing a lot of things I did not do for our first son until much later.

The crib has been moved to the lowest level.

The car seat has been adjusted so the shoulder straps are at the highest setting.

I filled a drawer with 18-month old clothes yesterday.

Anything that can be reached by a standing baby has been moved.

The exer-saucer is at the highest setting.

And that is only thing things I can think of.

When it comes to food, Charlie is almost through the whole list. Basically pasta and a few other things are left.

The only thing he really does not like to date, is eggs. But that is only scrambled. So maybe he is more of a sunny side up kind of guy.

With me being home all the time with him, I might not even appreciate just how fast he is growing up. I notice it certainly, but I bet my wife sees it much greater.

He is developing his personality. So far I would say he is a very happy and easy-going guy. He will let you know when he is mad, but for the most part, he is always smiling.

His grunts make us laugh daily. His crawling (or rumbling) around the house has purpose. He is a point A to point B kind of baby. No steering off the beaten path.

He adores his brother to the point that he has to be where Harry is all the time. Now Harry is not exactly a fan of that when he is trying to do his own thing, but they will figure it out.

There is not a lot of talking yet. Which we don’t mind. Let’s save that for later. We already have one very chatty boy.

Charlie pretty much grunts for good things and cries for bad things. He fully understands the word no, but sometimes chooses to ignore.

My wife even caught him shaking his head “no” yesterday.

His hair is well ahead of the curve. He has more than most 2-year olds. Certainly more than Harry had at 10-months.

Do I have any worries? None that are bad.

We are suspecting he won’t be a morning napper for much longer which is a little sad for Mom and Dad. But hey, our first kid is a gold medal sleeper, so we figured that would not happen again.

What Charlie does do, it sleep through the night. Rarely is he awake before 6:30 am anymore. So, if we can get that every night, losing the morning nap is not the worst thing.

Charlie has no fear of the outside world. No issues with crawling on grass. No issues with climbing into a sand box. He even will crawl right out the door on to the deck if we let him.

He is like a runaway train when he gets moving.

He is also far more solid than Harrison. The face plants are few and far between. His arm strength keeps him going and upright for much longer.

Poor Harry, when he was learning to crawl he would blow a tire and wipe out  A LOT.

When will walking happen? Well there is no rush for that but we feel it will be before he is a year old. He already stands and pulls up on things and tries to do that cute sideways walk.

How about teeth? The are looking great. Two down low and four up top so far. That helps for all the new foods he is eating. If it goes on his tray, it is going in his mouth.

He really hates to watch people eat. I guess that is pretty standard. I would not want to watch others eat when I have no food.

He has an interest in our cat. He has already figured out stairs. He bounces to the beat when music is on.

When comparing him to the lists in the baby books, the only thing he is behind on is the talking like I mentioned above.

No Mama or Dada yet.

The funny part of this is I asked Harry to help us out by getting Charlie to say mama or dada.

I will look at Charlie and say “where’s mama?”, and Harry will deadpan say “upstairs”.

Ah kids, the make me laugh every day.

We made it to 10-months. I can’t even imagine how much is going to change going forward.