For Our Family Netflix is 100% Turn The Brain Off Time


For those who follow the blog each month, you know I post something related to Netflix and kids. Each month the team at Netflix shares a theme that we write about and try to tie it to our family and viewing experiences.

This month, I have to admit, the theme just doesn’t stick for my situation.

For your March post, share which female Netflix characters your kids connect with and how they have made a positive impact.

Now, the obvious is, I don’t have girls and my boys will make a face if I ask who their fave female characters are.

Secondly, when our sons watch Netflix, I am not in the mindset to really focus on what my kids are taking away from it. Yes, call me a bad parent, but it’s the truth.  I am probably dozing with my eyes open.

They, like me, watch Netflix to turn the brain off and just enjoy 22 minutes of entertainment. Whether it’s Saturday morning or a quick cartoon before bed, it’s a time to just relax.

Our boys are watching Teen Titans Go these days and I would be really shocked if they were coming away from that show with anything other than it made them laugh. Who knows, maybe they want to be a super hero.

They are not connecting with the characters, they are not deciding their future or they are not relating it to a part of their day.

They are simply enjoying a quiet moment with a show during what is usually a very busy and tiring day.

Same goes for the grown ups in the house. I don’t have much brain power left by the time I fire up the Netflix. I just want to drift off to another world and leave reality.

Music over Streaming

It is interesting to note that we see much higher takeaways from music than Netflix or TV in our kids. Lyrics stick with them, make them dance or question certain things. They ask more questions after a song than any show they watch.

It’s weird the same thing does not happen with watching something on a screen. I have my theories but that is for another day.

I bet this also has a lot to do with the age of our kids. Once they creep closer to 10, they will start having more digital heroes, mentors, guides and those who inspire. I look forward to it. When I was growing up, it was sports stars that filled that void for me. But who knows, I only saw cartoons once a week on Saturday mornings. No streaming options that’s for sure.

As for now, it’s time to shut down the computer and turn the brain off with some Iron Fist. Maybe it will make me want to learn martial arts? Probably not.

So what’s on the Netflix in April?

Have a great April everyone.