Day 37: Forgot To Say Farewell To An Old Friend – The Swing

day36-1Last night was one of this mid-week nights when you just feel drained and the last thing you want to do is sit down at the computer. Yep, that sounds like a Wednesday on the PL.

So this morning, I am playing catch up for the dedicated readers who actually are interested in the day-to-day over here. Thanks by the way.

Before I go ahead with Day 37, I want to give a proper farewell to an old friend that I forgot to mention on Tuesday.

Charlie said so long to the swing that he has been having naps in for the last several months. Not only was he pretty much not fitting in it anymore, it was time to take back the living room.

For so long now, we have been tip-toeing around and shutting down the house when he napped in the swing. We knew it was automatic, so we rode that horse as long as we could.

But, with the Toronto weekend, Charlie did not have his swing and he easily learned to nap without it. So it was the perfect opportunity to transition him away from it and never go back.

And it has worked magically. Thanks to my wife for removing the thoughts of a comfy swing from our son’s head.

Now the living room is ours again, all day long.

So long swing. You were an important member of the team and your contributions will not be forgotten. If we had rafters, I would retire your jersey as a hall of famer.

**a moment of silence**

Okay back to business.

Day 37 was a rainy, rainy, boring day at the house. I had both boys and it was really hard to keep them entertained without access to the outside world.

Luckily Iron Man fever stepped in and saved the day. Yesterday for Harrison was Iron Man all day, all the time. He played with his new Iron Man toys, he watched Iron Man cartoons and even had a monster nap most likely due to the crappy weather.

Charlie also slept quite a bit and continued his growth by learning to spray everyone with anything that goes into his mouth. You know that spray move parents. When it goes in and quickly comes back at you all over your clothes.

We did go outside for probably a total of 45 minutes the whole day. Sadly the weather is exactly the same today.

Nothing out of the ordinary on this day unless you consider watching your son shooting plastic missiles out of his Iron Man mask all day.

Summer where are you? We want to play outside.