Day 29: Trying To Remember What Happened On Friday

The problem when you sit down to write a post two days later is, you can’t remember what happened. Or at least when you are a tired parent. Friday seems like a week ago with everything we have done this weekend.

Now that the family is napping and the rain is streaming down, I can finally catch up on what was Day 29 and a little bit of the weekend adventures.

Friday started out with another dry morning for Harrison. Way to go dude. It is so special to wake up, here his feet scamper down the hall, pause and here a long pee. Yep, his brain and body are holding it all night.

Friday morning was not the best weather so Charlie and I took it pretty easy. We went for a walk with the goal being to get to the mail box.

Success. The best part, our new passports came. So we are ready to travel now.

Man, I can’t think of anything.

Oh yeah, we had fun with the jolly jumper for a bit.

In terms of what was up with me. I was in a great mood because H and R block informed me they were sending me a cheque to cover the mistake they made when they did my taxes. I still have to pay the government, but they are covering the cost. See what happens when you stand up for something done wrong. Always check your work as they say.

The house got tidied, the dog got played with and I had some relaxing time on the couch while Charlie napped. Friday’s are hard to really get motivated.

After Harry was home we played outside and he was being silly, running around with a broom. He also showed off some great bike riding improvements.

Won’t be long now that we are going on longer rides.

Dinner – pretty boring.

That night once the boys were sleeping, we continued watching House of Cards. What a great show. I highly recommend it.

Okay, now that Friday is caught up, let me share a little of what was Open Saturday.

Downtown Halifax was holding the annual Open City day, where the goal was to get people to shop local and discover what is downtown. Hundreds of businesses participated with discounts, back door takeout menus and just a lot of fun for everyone.

We missed it last year, so it was great we were going to get a chance.

We hit the waterfront as the area of choice as there was free parking.

As soon as we parked, there was a set up of police cars, fire trucks and more with officers giving out hats and tours of the vehicles.

Harry literally pulled my wife towards it as soon as he was out of the car. That was all we had to do and the day would have been a success.

Harry got to sit in all the cars, got a free hat and had the best time a 3-year old could have.

From there we walked the waterfront and looked at boats. There was not a lot going on down there but it was nice to breathe the sea air.

After that we went back to the car and figured out what back door takeout we wanted.

We chose to hit Bonehead’s BBQ in Fairview on the way home. My lord, I was glad we did. They had two sandwiches to choose from. A smoked bourbon ham sandwich and a navajo frybread taco that was filled with turkey and salsa. They were only $5 each so we had to get one of each.

The smell in the car on the way home was killing us. Finally we were home, split them up and chowed down. So good. I could have eaten 10 of the ham sandwiches. Bonehead’s BBQ, you did good.

From there, naps were in order. My hands smelled smokey all day, it was awesome.

I did grocery shopping while everyone napped. I have to say, I don’t know how much longer we will be able to afford eating. Wow, prices are crazy. A few bags and it runs over $100.

Oh well, at least we are eating pretty good for now.

Last night, friends of the family were coming by for a visit. They are in Chester for the summer as one of our friends is in the show Haven. It is great to have them so close. Harrison and their daughter are the cutest thing when they play.

So from about 7-10 pm last night they were running around the house playing and having a blast. The house did not make out so well, but we cleaned it up today.

Always nice to have someone to visit in Chester for the summer that’s for sure.

Well that is all I can think of for now. Time to go celebrate Mother’s Day a little more. Highland Drive meat for dinner tonight.