Day 30: We Were In A Garden State Of Mind

What a great start to the week. I wish every Monday was like this. The sun returned after a dark and rainy day and both boys were as well-behaved as you could hope for.

The day started later than normal which was awesome. I know why my wife and I were so sleepy as we stayed up until midnight watching the Survivor finale. But the boys? They both slept past 7 am.

And the even better part. Harry got up and had a long pee. No bed wetting once again. Since we went commando on the night-time diapers, he has almost been perfect. What a guy. Very impressed. He boasts so proudly about it as well.

After breakfast, naps and a bottle, we decided it was time to tackle the back yard. Weeds, long grass, rocks to move and just assessing what had to be done overall.

While Charlie sat in his stroller, I was able to cut the grass while Harry raked for me. We pulled weeds and cleaned up the garden. It felt good to get it all done before another few days of rain.

We did a quick walk/bike ride to get the mail and it was back for lunch. Harrison “made” his lunch today which meant pouring an open can of Spider-man spaghetti into a bowl. He then went ahead and ate the whole thing (after I heated it up of course).

The afternoon was pretty relaxing for me. Both boys had long naps so I got to do a lot of computer work and even had time to catch a short nap on the couch.

Then it was back outside to ride bikes, play with the dog and put away the yard stuff from earlier.

Oh and fire up the Big Green Egg for dinner. The menu was chicken thighs which I will do a post about separate from this.

In the end, they turned out great and were gobbled up by all.

Play time, bath time and bed time.

The end.

I would take this Monday over and over again.