Day 28: No More Mr. Night Times

No more, going pee-eee-eee.

Well in bed anyways.

Yep Day 28 started off with a great success. Harrison woke up with dry pants and a dry bed. Last night was the first night that he did not wear night time pants to bed. He has been toilet trained for almost a year but we still did the night time pants.

It was time. Opening night, Harry dominated. No issues at all.

Okay that is not entirely true. He did not go to sleep until after 10 pm because he kept getting up to go to the bathroom. Hey, we can’t say no right. I think he has figured out the workaround for staying up. Just keep getting up and say you have to go pee and we are helpless.

Oh well, if it means a dry bed every morning, it seems like a small inconvenience to me.

That may change if it goes on for a while however.

Once that whole scene was over and fully celebrated, it was back to the normal day. Charlie and me on the PL.

Breakfast, breakfast two and nap. I was able to continue cleaning and took care of some much-needed organization.

Rain made it pretty much an indoor day but Charlie did not seem to mind that much.

Nothing interesting in the afternoon other than sleeping, TV watching and doing work on the computer.

Charlie has become quite the sitter, which makes for a much easier time for me. I can now sit him on the floor with a bucket full of toys and he can entertain himself much more than before.

He goes where I go in the house and I just plop him down.

That pretty much sums up Day 28. Nothing that exciting other than life on the PL.

Looking forward to the weekend.  A lot going on in Halifax as the summer season of events begins.