Day 121: No Boys In The Hood



Well, Day 121 and there is something definitely different going on. There are no boys at home. I am all alone. What the heck?

Today is the first official day at the new daycare for both boys and that means I have a handful of days left to myself on the PL.

Don’t worry, I have a lot to do in preparation for going back to work.

In fact, to distract myself from missing my guys, I went into the office today to check in, meet some new people and get updated on what I will be doing when I go back in few weeks.

Plus I had to figure out how to get to a new office location by bus. It was somewhat smooth.

I caught up with coworkers, saw the office and got on the same page on my duties. Should be fun when I head back.

Leaving the house after six months will be a transition but it will be nice to be busy all day and not wonder what the boys are up to.

The morning routine has really changed as well. Now Katie is doing the heavy lifting (literally with Charlie). She is up with the Farmers and gets both kids out the door before 7:30 am. I do help where I can of course, but it really is all about super mom.

Off they went. First day in months where I don’t have at least one kid all day.

It is a strange feeling I have to say.

Oh well, I have a lot to do like I said. We have a trip coming up this week to Winnipeg for a wedding. That means packing for four seasons as we have no idea what the weather will be like.

Then next week, my wife is away for work and I have the boys to myself all week, morning until night. That will be fun.

Well maybe not the flight from Toronto home, but I will manage right? I don’t have a choice.

I am going to go now and do something in the hours I have left until everyone is home. I just hope it is not folding their clothes, or cleaning their room or smelling something that reminds me of them. Yep, I am that guy.

Come home soon boys!