Happy 4th Birthday Harrison


September 19th again? Wow, Harrison you are growing fast.

H is for Hilarity which you bring us each day.

A is for Awesome, which you are and then some.

R is for Regular questions about anything and everything.

R is for Reading, which you are very close to doing.

I is for Intelligent. I swear you are already smarter than I am.

S is for Sweet, the way you look after your little brother.

O is for Original. You stand out among a crowd.

N is for Never change. Your age will grow but I hope you stay the same special guy.

Happy birthday buddy. It has been an incredible four years watching you grow up. I can’t believe you are only four and I look forward to many, many more years to come.

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  1. Susan Bryant

    Oh, happy 4, Harrison. Like every older person, I can’t quite believe you too are this old.

    Nice summer pics in the last post, michael. Darling and moving to watch.

    xx Susie

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