My Boys Are Growing Like Weeds

As the weeks fly by and you are just trying to get from point A to point B, you can easily stop noticing things. Lately, I have started to really see the growth of my two boys. I am not talking about new stages of life or new talents achieved, I am talking about literal growth.

We did an update to our growth chart that we mark on a wall with marker.

Harrison: 53 months – 44 inches tall.

Charlie: 16 months – 32.2 inches tall.

Like I said, they are already big kids and I can see at least one of them  outgrowing dad (6’5).

Here is a photo that shows it really well.


Remember to step back and just look at your kids. Their changes happen so fast, you don’t want to miss any.


  1. It is AMAZING how fast they grow. I notice the exact same thing!

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