Winter Just Won’t Go Away


March 30th, 2014. Yes, technically it is spring. Yesterday we got a taste of it with warm weather. Today, back to cold rain and ice. It really is getting depressing.

There is so much waiting to be done outside. Gardening, cleaning out the garage, pumping up the bike tires and just getting more exercise.

Being stuck in the house needs to be over. The boys are ready to explode through the walls.Today our house felt so small as two boys rumbled around the house, not having the space they need to get crazy.

We need the yard again. A cleaned up yard with soft grass to fall on and all that daylight that spring brings.

I am tired of bundling up the kids in winter gear. I am tired of the daily routine of checking what is wet and then getting it dry.

Rain coats and boots are much more fun. They are just waiting to be worn.

The idea of buying more salt for the driveway came up today. Really? It is pretty much April. I don’t want to buy more salt.

I want spring. Even if it is days and days of rain, I am fine with that. Because it is that warmer rain that is getting everything growing.

No more cold playgrounds, no more uncomfortable walks to the mailbox and no more shoveling.

I am done with shoveling for this season.

That last storm we had last week had to be the end right?

Winter just won’t go away.

Yesterday for about an hour, we had a window open and it was heaven. It was great let fresh air in and recycle some of the “house smell” out. A build up of pets, kids, dirt and dust that needs to purged very soon.

Are you sick and tired of winter as well?

What are you most excited about when it comes to spring?

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