We Survived Blizzard 2014


Well the computer did not need to get dug out, but it feels like it has been awhile since I had time to sit and write. Probably due to the huge storm we had in Halifax on Friday. I was still cleaning off the driveway today.

On Friday we had a full-blown blizzard. 40 cm of snow, white out conditions and really, really cold temperatures for Halifax (-20 C).

It all made for a snow day with the kids. Friday we stayed inside. Saturday we went out briefly to shovel and get supplies and today, well today was nice. Warm air, melting snow and a chance for the kids to actually play.

When we head out we take a circle sled and a toboggan for Charlie. It is fun pulling him along in the snow and he gets a kick out of it.

Harrison is just discovering the joy of sliding down hills on his new sled. It makes winter so much fun for the parents.

What was surprising today was how much snow walking Charlie was doing. Yes he walks quite well in the house now but on bumpy snow is a different story. But he was walking down the sidewalk with no issues. Well, until he got tired and climbed back into the toboggan.

The snow hills are almost as tall as me (6 ft +) and you can even see on the sidewalks from the road. It was one of the biggest storms I have experienced since moving east.

The great part of winter play is how tired it makes the kids. They are both napping pretty hard upstairs after all the snow fun.



That is the true payoff for parents. Sure it is a pain to get them all geared up with snow pants etc. but there is nothing like playing in the snow to tire out a kid.

We have even gotten into this routine where Harrison has to have hot chocolate afterwards.

As for Halifax, it is much milder today which has melted the ice of the roads. There is so much snow, it will take some time to see that melt away.

Sidewalks are a bit of a mess but at least there is no chance of sliding down a hill in your car anymore.


  1. haha, this remind of the movie “Home Alone” the first one,
    better keep a good eye on Charlie, next thing you know he’ll be riding that sled down the stairs straight out the door to the streets!
    make sure he doesn’t watch Home Alone 😛
    you guys are lucky to have it snow just outside the house,
    on our side, you would have to plan an expensive snow trip for a day in the snow!
    Best wishes and Happy new year!

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