Struggling to keep our plants alive

Well today is the day. The first time in over a month where I have pulled up WordPress and stared at this screen for more than a few minutes.

I have nothing trying to jump out of my brain. No hot opinions. Nothing entertaining to share. So what do I do?

I could just close the tab and move on with my day, but then my streak is broken. And I am a sucker for keeping a streak alive.

So I am basically writing my way into a topic. So stick with me. The weather in Toronto has been very mild considering there are other parts of Canada buried in snow. I mean buried. Go check out the photos from Cape Breton.

I have a podcast on in the background. NBA talking heads going on about the NBA trade deadline. This is pretty boring as it’s usually all talk, no action. The Toronto Raptors are a sad mess. Maybe they tear down the team even more. Nothing there.

The Grammy Awards were on last night. We did not watch as it’s like watching an awards show where I know almost know one. Taylor Swift is about it. But X tells me today that Tracy Chapman was the star of the night.

Well what about the week ahead? February is generally pretty blah. There is Valentine’s Day to get ready for. The Super Bowl is this weekend. That means – what food are we making?

What about, what is annoying me? Well then that gets pretty negative and who wants to read that.

One minor annoyance I keep coming back to. I can’t keep a plant alive anymore. I used to be a plant guy. I love having living plants.

But in our current house, I have yet to find the right balance of what plants will live in our low light, dry house. There is literally one spot on the whole house where plants thrive. The rest, not so well. Dying plants get to me. It makes me feel like I failed them. Yeah let’s dig into that.

Our house faces south and is a semi detached. So there is not a lot of east or west sunlight. Then in the winter, rad heat makes it so dry. We have a sky light and under it is the only place plants will do well.

Yes, I need to find plants that survive in our conditions, instead of buying plants I like and ignore how they will fare.

Then you have the one plant that won’t die. We bought an outdoor planter several years ago for the back deck. It was rather pricey and was really nice. At the end of the season, instead of letting it die and starting over the following year, we brought it in the house and parked it upstairs under the sky light.


Well, it flourished. It was the plant you could not kill. In fact when we had our basement renovated in 2022, we did not live in the house for 3 months. That meant no heat, water or care for the one plant. It refused to die. In fact it got stronger.

It has now taken over the top of the stairs. It has wrapped itself around wall art like a network of vines. It’s slowing crawling along the wall.

I don’t think we will ever be able to move it now.

For me, now it’s all about, just how big will it get? Will it ever try to reach the sky light?

Well look at that? I wrote myself into a topic. Plants. I am envious of all these homes you see on Instagram of all these large and beautiful plants. I need to dig into it more. I need to go to a plant store and investigate what will work in our house.

I don’t want to go through winter each year watching our plants die. It makes me sad.

So, let’s add that to the list of things to figure out in 2024. Stay tuned.