Friday Newsletter – The sun is shining

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Hello sunshine – As I sit here putting together this week’s Friday Newsletter, I am basking in the glow of the sun that is actually out this morning. This winter so far has felt more dreary than normal so when the light blasts in through the window, it is special. It makes me think about spring. We are not that far from it now. February will be over in a blink. It also helps that lately the weather has been pretty mild compared to other parts of Canada. This is great for getting out for long walks and closing those rings on the Apple watch.

New TV – With February upon us, that means more new TV shows starting to come out. On my radar this weekend is the premiere of the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. One of my all time favourites. Larry David has been making the rounds on talk shows and podcasts to promote and I have to say, it’s nice to have LD back in my life. He even had a moment with Elmo after Elmo had his big moment on X for mental health this past week.

But back to Curb. The show for me will go down as one of the best comedies. So many classic story lines. In fact The Ringer made a giant list of the best episodes. Just skimming this list, I was reminded of so many cringe-worthy moments thanks to Larry and company. What is your fave episode?

Food for thought – In terms of food this week, I wanted to share what we are watching on TV that is food related. Currently we are watching Searching For Italy on Prime. This is basically Stanley Tucci traveling around Italy eating. It makes us very hungry and as I have never been to Italy, it’s like going on a vacation. We are also enjoying the new experiment on Netflix where David Chang hosts 2 guests while he cooks them dinner. What is different is, it’s 100% live. That makes for a lot of mistakes, odd conversation and a little confusion. But I kind of like it. It reminds me of when we have people over and the balance you try to have for preparing food and trying to visit with the guests. There have been 2 episodes so far and they have been pretty enjoyable. The show is called Dinner Time Live.

X facts – So what would interest my readers that I saw on X this week. Well to be honest, nothing is coming to mind. I mean there has been a lot of Taylor Swift talk of course, Elmo as I mentioned already and a lot of people sharing their favourite funny Jeopardy moments. But as I am being a bit lazy, I just took a look at my feed and saw this nugget for Toronto sports fans.

Music collaborations – For those who use Apple Music, they released a new feature a few weeks ago that allows people to collaborate on playlists. This is not groundbreaking, but it’s a fun add for Apple. My friend and have been working on a playlist of our favourite songs and also sharing songs we like with each other. Then we clean it up based on if we both want to keep a song on the list or not. I like it simply because I am being made aware of songs that I either don’t know, or songs I really like and had forgotten about. If you are an Apple Music user I suggest you check it out. We may even share our list on here some day. Okay, let me at least share a song I was introduced to because of this.

Small changes are in the works – So did you notice the new theme of the blog? I have been playing around with it to make it easier to read and overall sharper looking. This theme is working so far. I like that the posts are wider and full screen and less stuff on the sides. Let me know what you think as a reader.

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