Say Song Long To Afternoon Naps


It was a good run. No, in fact, it was an amazing run. Most parents hate us for even complaining. Yes, our Harry has finally grown out of afternoon naps. His streak ends at roughly 58 months, just short of his fifth birthday.

I remember when Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak ended at 2,362 games. That was amazing. But it did not impact my life. This no napping business, has turned my days upside down.

Anyone parent we tell this news to first makes a face of disgust and then goes on to say their child stopped napping years ago.

Yes, yes, we are lucky. But before the naps go away for good, I just wanted to say so long to afternoon naps.


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Since we still have one month to go until senior kindergarten, what used to be nap time, has changed into quiet time. Since Charlie still naps all day, we pretty much just ask Harry to hang out in his room for a few hours. He can read, build, use him imagination or whatever else comes up, but he just has to be quiet.

It has gone pretty well so far. We also say he can’t come out until the first number on the digital clock is a three. That seems to work.

We will miss you afternoon naps. At least we still have a few more years (hopefully) of Charlie dozing the afternoon away.

How about you? How long did your kids nap during the day? Would love to hear.