The Morning School Drop Off

Greetings, guess who is back in the world of blogging. Yep, it’s me. After a few weeks of moving, getting school started and doing the job hunt thing, I am finally starting to have time to write again. Granted, I may have to stop in a few minutes if Charlie stops being so calm.

Harrison started SK (senior kindergarten for the non parents) and with Nova Scotia not having the junior version, this is Harry’s first taste of real school.

We had no doubts he was ready. He is a smart kid who is ready to sponge up so much information. We have gotten used to new routines, making lunches, buying supplies and dealing with a very tired kid at the end of the day.

But the one topic I want to touch on is the most chaotic of all. The morning school drop off.

Picture a scene from Road Warrior or one of the those epic battle scenes in Braveheart and you won’t be far off. But instead of swords and blue face paint, I am going into battle with a stroller and two kids.

The scene is crazy. The first day was the most insane. Each kid with two parents snapping back to school pictures and wearing blinders for just what they needed to accomplish. It was like the subway losing power at 5pm. Chaos.

Harry and Charlie must have been bumped or walked into several times.

What added to the mess was it was the first day. Teachers have no idea what is going on. Parents are in the dark and everyone is just trying to wing it.

After a week, things have gotten better but it is still crazy.  Just today, they figured out a system to get all the different grades through the same doors.  But through it all, no kids are lost and everyone gets on their way.

Then there is the fact that I am a dad dropping off the kids. There are a few of us, but it’s almost like we get in the way. I get a lot of surprised looks when a guy standing 6’5 comes around the corner pushing a stroller and guiding the VIP star (Harry) to his party.

It is almost an advantage that we have such a small stroller for navigation.

Picking up is not quite as bad. There are less parents as most kids seem to go to an after school place. This makes it nice to see Harry’s smiling face while we wait at his locker.

I am used to is all now. I am battle tested. But I am not sure I am ready for many, many years of this. I guess once I get a job, I won’t have to deal with the drop off and pick up. But at the same time, I am sure to really miss it.