Mirror, Mirror, Not On The Wall, Who’s The Most Annoyed Of All?

broken mirror

Good day all, long time no see.

The reason for the lack of posting can be blamed on 2 parts busy, 2 parts lazy and 1 part I forget. Yes, yes, all excuses. But the time is flying by. January is almost over and I have not even taken my new Xmas jams out of the box yet.

Today’s little slice of life really has nothing to do with parenting. It’s just about something very annoying that happened last night.

Now that I know MS has been trying to read the blog and settled for my Twitter feed, I will try to keep it not only updated but ACTUALLY WORKING.

Last night was a tale of renting. Last night something happened that I could have never predicted. Everything came crashing down, just as I wanted to go to sleep.

The Raptors game was over, I was feeling frustrated at yet another loss, so I decided to call it a night. Katie had already left for sleep town, so what was the point trying to stay up longer.

The odd part that added to the weirdness that I am about to tell you is, Katie turned off all the lights on her way to bed. Normally, that’s not the case. I found it strange. Anyways.

After she vacated the bathroom and turned the kid’s light off, I went in the bathroom to shut down the day.

I was almost done. Teeth were clean. I went to close the mirror door over our sink and I must have touched in exactly the wrong way, because it fell off.

In an instant, there was a loud crash as the mirror bounced off the sink and shattered everywhere. Shards were in the toilet. Thankfully I flushed.

Yep, 11pm, tired and just wanting to go to bed. I had to clean up hundreds of pieces of glass, all while trying to keep quiet.

What a pisser. That thing must have just been waiting to fall off. It did not take much.

The good news, I did not get hurt. Also, the kids were not around. That’s all we need eh?

The fallout of course is we are stuck without a mirror in the bathroom.

The kids and I survived this morning, but poor Katie was left to use the half-bath in the other room. No big deal right? Well, just that the half-bath HAS NOT HEAT.

Yes, isn’t rental life grand.

We have contacted the landlord and are hoping to have it all fixed soon. There is nothing more ghetto than a bathroom with no mirror. Now all of our secret medicines and other banished products are on full display.


So that was my night. I hope it does not mean there will be seven years of bad luck attached.

Things have been going so well, I don’t want the gravy train to stop.