January helped create a spark again

Well, today is the last day of January. That means I have successfully gone a full month of writing at least 500 words for every week day. Not bad. By no means is this amazing, but I wanted to get back into a routine. I wanted to reignite something I used to do a lot more of. I would say, so far so good.

Has it meant a lot of traffic? Not really. Has it meant a lot of SEO rich results? Not yet anyways. So why do I bother typing out all these words and sending them out there for very few to read?

Well, like I said, it’s a routine. It’s setting a goal and sticking to it. It’s keeping the mind clear and giving me a creative outlet.

Many years ago (like over 15), I would do this many times a day. Writing, posting and creating content that help build my old website – Cuzoogle – to a money making machine that racked up hundred of thousands of views a month. It was all for shits and giggles and it helped me make some fun money.

In looking back. I missed on the timing. I was doing the content creation before it was a thing. Before Instagram. Before influencers. Before every organization realized the value of getting the opinion of the real person.

If I had stayed in that world, who knows what would have happened.

Now that I see hundreds of videos of people doing this very thing, I wonder if being in early would have made a difference.

I will say, getting back into the routine of writing these 500 words every day has sparked interest again in other areas.

Trying to learn the powers of AI and how Chat GPT can benefit my career. Playing around with the latest editing software that all the influencers out there use. Running creative thoughts in my brain on where there is still a sliver of untapped gold out there.

I opened up Google Web Console for the first time (for personal sites) in a long time to see many errors that needed fixing. I finally fixed a big one and everything is humming again in terms of how Google sees the site. Those little things that I just neglected. Feels good to clean up.

Those ideas come at the weirdest times and I find being creative in any way helps draw them out.

So for the few who have been reading over the last month. Thank you. For those who unsubscribed, it’s okay. I get it. Our email inbox can be a precious place and too much junk can be annoying.

Like I said, it was an exercise on just having a brain dump. Seeing if the typing fingers still worked. Clearing space in the head for more important challenges that need my full attention.

It’s made me look at the blog as a whole. I want to redesign it. I want to make it fresh and look like it’s from 2024. I want to see it grow.

That little spark of just writing 500 words a day is helping mentally and that was really the point.

Soon it will slide into fun. Then into something more meaningful. You have to start – or restart – somewhere.

Totally unrelated, I want to leave you with a laugh.

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  1. Casey

    As someone who knows what it’s like to face a blank page most days, don’t underestimate this accomplishment. 500 words of reflective writing is HUGE. Bravo and congrats! I always look forward to your take on things. You are honest and authentic.
    Best of luck for the next phase.

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