How has bacon packaging never improved?

Looking around the house, so many things have improved over the years to make life better. Everything is “smart” now. From the thermostat, the toaster and many gadgets in the kitchen. Innovation doesn’t stop. If you compare everyday items to when you were a kid, for the most part, those items are better or improved.

But not for one thing that I just don’t understand. How bacon is packaged. You know, the plastic package that bacon is wrapped in. Once you cut it, you then have to get creative on how you seal it up for the next time. Unless you use up an entire package in one go. That by the way is getting easier as amounts continue to decrease thanks to shrinkflation.

But that part that is crazy to me (and I know many of you) is the fact that we have never been given better packaging to help keep bacon fresh and lasting longer.

So many other food items come in similar packaging, but they have some kind fo resealable option. Even every other lunch meat seems to provide this. But not bacon.

Is this done on purpose by Big Bacon? They don’t want us keeping the tasty meat in the fridge longer. They would prefer that it goes grey and we go and buy more sooner.

The blueprint is everywhere. Just give us a package with a resealable option like a lunch bag. Make it a peal away front that sticks back like you do with ham slices.

I am tired of wrapping half a pack of bacon in tin foil or plastic wrap, knowing it’s not going to last as long as it could.

On Monday there is a rocket being sent to orbit the moon. I believe the biggest rocket ever sent into space. But we can’t create better bacon packaging?

Is this just a Canada thing? Do other countries treat their bacon better? I bet the Fins do. They probably have space age packaging for the little amounts of bacon they consume.

I have watched many an episode of Shark Tank and Dragons Den wondering, who’s going to make the better mouse trap when it comes to bacon packaging. I’m still waiting.

Now some of you are probably thinking – why don’t I take on this challenge? Well, I guess I could. But it’s a lot less energy to just complain about it and hope someone else will.

Maybe that’s where we are at? Maybe it’s something nobody wants to solve. Maybe it’s been solved but like Kentucky Fried Chicken’s eleven herbs and spices, it’s meant to be a secret.

It’s an ongoing topic on Reddit. It’s a topic that comes up between my friends and I often. Instead of X user trying to figure out if Mind Hunter is returning, let’s crowdsource that brain power to fix bacon packaging.

Who’s with me?

Wow, all this talk about bacon has made me hungry. Time to go peel open the tin foil and fry up some bacon that could be a lot fresher.

Enjoy your day everyone.