Finally some snow in Toronto

For those who were wanting a white Christmas, it finally came in Toronto, many days after the holiday. That’s fine by me. Snow isn’t as fun as it used to be. My only real want for the white powder is that it means the seasons are still what they are supposed to be. It means the world is doing what it’s supposed to. No snow kind of says that the climate is truly changing.

Ottawa for example has had one of the mildest winters so far and it’s an ongoing story if the Rideau Canal will freeze enough this year for skating.

Snow also doesn’t give the same excitement in our house as it used to. When the boys were younger, a fresh dumping of snow would mean we would be getting the snowsuits out and making forts, snow structures and throwing snowballs. There would also be a trip to a local hill for some tobogganing.

With a teen and almost a teen, that has changed. There is more excitement to not go outside. Even when you convince them that that outside world is fun, they don’t want to wear proper coats or boots.

I had to hide their Crocs.

But I remember being that age. I remember also not wanting to wear the giant snow outfits, hats and gloves. There is something very kiddie about the whole thing.

But then it gets really cold and the boys are quite happy to wear the dry and warm outerwear.

The first sign of snow also reminded me that this is the first winter without the car. No cleaning off the car, no digging it out from an ice tomb after a plough goes by. No stress of driving on icey roads. It’s kind of nice.

I do plan on doing a bigger post about our first 6 months without a car at some point.

Back to the snow. It looks really nice from inside. It makes the trees look pretty. It makes me look forward to the spring.

We only have a few inches, which is plenty. I don’t like the big dumps when there is nowhere to put it. But I also want to appreciate the snow. Based on the past few winters, it is becoming less and less of a thing.

I was watching our neighbours who have 2 boys under 5 out in the snow and both loving it and hating it. It’s a Canadian experience to get bundled into a giant snowsuit and get dropped in a snow bank.

Even with the light amount of snow, it’s still a mystery how major walking areas still are full of snow, ice and slush. Major intersections where thousands of people walk, are still not properly cleared.

What are your thoughts on the snow. Love it or hate it? Do you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow?

As I finish up today’s 500 words, I now realize this was a pretty boring entry. But it’s Monday. I am sure better things will come as the week moves on.

I will leave you with this recent photo in High Park.

snow in high park toronto

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