Day 82: You Should Not Let Your Baby Eat Chalk

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

A new week, a new set of stories to tell from the PL. Today was Day 82 of parental leave and as I mentioned, I have been fighting a wall of some kind lately. But good news, so far things feel a lot better this week. Despite a day of rain and mundane weather, I had a lot of fun with both boys. But the one kid you would figure to sleep more did not. Yes, Charlie really was a fussy guy today and based on how easy it was to put him to bed just now, he was tired. He did not sleep much in the afternoon and Harrison did. Harrison slept for almost three hours. But I know the reason behind that. It was our late night of camping that had him ready to catch up on sleep. The day was full of crawling adventures, bike riding, new food trying and of course a little TV watching.

All in all, it was a pretty good day considering Mondays are usually tiring. I must be a parental leave expert by now.

Who: Harrison

As mentioned, we did a little camping on Sunday night (more on that on the blog tomorrow) and due to being uncomfortable and damp, I called the end of our adventure around 1 am. So there was a good two to three hours where we were not sleeping when we should have been. So for today’s nap, Harrison had some catching up to do. He slept in the sleeping bag in his bed with his bed sheets over his bunk bed. It was his indoor tent. Funny, he loved it but woke up super sweaty. I tried to explain that it was because of the sleeping bag, but that was not going to get him to not sleep in. So whether it is camping indoors or out, the kid really likes tents and sleeping bags. Harrison is going to be four very soon and he still needs a good afternoon nap to get through the day. I did not nap but certainly am feeling last night’s camping saga.

Where: Front garden

After putting it off for weeks, the boys and I took care of weeding most of the front garden. It needed it. Every year we say we are going to make it look good and up keep it and by August it just looks like a weed garden. Now I have a helper. Harrison pulled weeds and swept them up into a pile for me. Charlie did some cheerleading from the driveway. There is still a lot to do but it looks much better than it did yesterday.

Why: Catching up on Orange

I had to catch up on episode two of Orange is the New Black, because when we watched it on Saturday, I fell asleep. I know the Mrs. is a fan and will want to keep going, so I don’t want to get left behind. For those who have not checked out the Netflix show, it is pretty good. If you liked Weeds, you will probably like it since it is by the same creator. Definitely a dark comedy with some amazing characters. Now, you will be thinking, why did you fall asleep if it is so good? Well regardless of how good a show or movie is, it is kind of my thing to fall asleep on the couch on Saturday night. Yep, wild guy.

What: Chalk

Despite what you may have read, you should not let your baby eat chalk. This morning, Harrison and I were doing drawing on the chalkboard. Today’s topic was giant trucks. So after several sketches of giant dump trucks, we moved on to something else. We forgot to put away all the chalk. So of course, Charlie, the king of finding what he is not supposed to, found it and started munching on it. I turned around and had to quickly figure out what he was enjoying so much. It was either a powered donut or chalk. Luckily, he did not get much further than sucking on it. During the time I spent putting away the chalk, Charlie was into the kitchen and had his face over the cat’s food dish. That kid can move fast now. You will be happy to know, he did eat yogurt, peas and a french fry today. So it was not all stuff he was supposed to not have in his mouth.

Photo of the Day

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