Day 73: Crawling, Teething, Excusing And Mowing

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Wow, where do I begin? With our family vacation last week, it has been some time since I did a daily wrap up. So much has happened with the kids and their growth over the last 10 days, I will do my best to catch up. I will also be doing other posts on the vacation highlights. It is nice to be home and back to the normal challenges of parental leave. Although a few things have changed which will make my days a lot more fun and busy going forward. Manners are a hot topic in our house as we are teaching Harrison to say “excuse me” or “pardon me”, instead of “what did you say”?

So please excuse me as I slowly get back into the swing of things. It is great to be back and telling you all about Day 73 on the PL.

Who: Charlie

Since I last checked in with you, Charlie has exploded with new stuff. He is a whole new kid since coming back from vacation. First, he is now crawling. Yep, our lives are once again changing. No more plopping him down and going off to do something. Thankfully Harrison is a great watcher. On top of crawling, Charlie has four teeth on top and two down below. That means a lot of pain right now but he is dealing pretty good. It also means more food that is not mush. This week he has been eating avocado and enjoying it. The personality has blossomed as well. He is so funny. He love to get a hold of something he should not have and wave it around like a trophy. What a guy! Oh and today Charlie is wearing a pair of Harry’s shorts. Yep, he is growing fast.

Where: Cat room

Yep, back to life on the PL and that means cleaning up the cat room. This is where we keep the litter box. Tucked in behind our washer and dryer next to the water heater. It had gone unattended for 10 days, so it needed work. Nothing like cleaning up cat pee and poop. It is way worse than baby poop. The smell of wet litter just burns the back of your throat. Anyways, all good now.

Why: Living room reorganizing

Well because Charlie is crawling. It was time to remove things that were not for a baby. It is funny, no matter how well we do it, he still keeps pointing out flaws in our thinking. I never expected him to crawl right under the exersaucer. But hey, thanks for giving us the tips Charlie. Most of the books are put away and all little things are up high or taken away. This makes it more important for Harry to clean up after he is done playing now. I think it is pretty funny when Harry picks up his toys and goes to another room just to avoid sharing. Oh brothers.

What: Lawn

After a vacation, the outside garden needs work. Before bed last night Harry helped me cut the grass. His way of helping is taking his little rake and raking the area ahead of me kind of like a sweeper in curling. Then he says, all ready. Then he found the grass seed spreader thing and started rolling that around pretending it was his lawn mower. Very entertaining and I was able to get all the gardening done. Harry loves to garden and I can see all of this time helping dad will pay off one day. My days of having to do the lawn mowing are numbered.

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HRM Parent – A Dad’s Life: In the trenches

The hot and hazy days of summer are best spent at the beach if you ask me. That is, if you have the time. Thanks to being on parental leave with our 9-month old baby, a day at the beach with my boys is possible whenever the weather cooperates. No waiting around or the weekend for us. Halifax beaches offer everything needed to please the kids and dad. Plus it is a great way to keep cool, get exercise and experience new adventures. With my two boys, the most popular activity at the beach is building trenches in the sand.

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