Day 54: Very, Very Late Night Thanks To LeBron

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

One of the things that is hardest for this dad staying home is the pain I feel when I stay up late to watch sports. Our boys don’t care. They are still getting up around 6:30 or 7 am. There is no sympathy for dad being tired. They want breakfast just like every other day. Last night Day 54 went into overtime both in life and in the game I was watching. The Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 103-100 in OT and that means I will have to do it all once more tomorrow night for Game 7. Living in Nova Scotia means that games don’t start until 10pm. That is a killer. But I still watch and stress and enjoy the hell out of NBA basketball. In my next life I am living on the West coast where the games are over by 9 pm. Other than that it was a pretty quiet day on the PL.

Who: Charlie

Charlie boy is all about the kisses these days. I guess my wife has been teaching him the art of mouth on mouth kisses and now that is all he does if you put your face anywhere near his. It is pretty cute. He gets your mouth sometimes, other times he just hits nose. He smiles and giggles as he does it. Find me a grumpy person and I can cure him for life with that little face. Charlie is one happy dude which makes for a pretty happy dad, which makes for a happy wife. Add it all up and we are pretty happy over here.

Where: Dog walk

The sun was out so that meant it was ideal for a long dog walk with Charlie. We were out for 45 minutes and it certainly tired out the dog. On our walk we saw a lot of people out gardening and contractors doing the house reno thing. I tend to look at people’s gardens searching for new ideas for ours.

Why: Harry’s face was bruised

This kid I tell yah. He is a walking bruise. Once again I picked him up at school and he had two bumps on his head. One under his eye and one on his forehead. I guess one of the other kids fell off a bike and guess who was standing in the drop zone? Yep, our boy. He looks like a fighter. We also later found a pretty decent scratch on his back. Always something when you have a rough and tumble boy.

What: A messy house

Our house is a disaster zone these days. The toys are everywhere. We do our best to keep things in check but lately, it has been hard to take on. The motivation is we have friends coming over on the weekend, so that is a big help on the motivation front. Of course I keep putting it off day after day. Hey boys, guess what we are doing today, yep cleaning party!

Photo of the Day

Battle for the ball.


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