Day 53: Hey Dad My Pants Don’t Fall Down

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Oh Monday, how you always seem to kick my ass. There never seems to be enough time in the day on a Monday to do everything you intended. I am not sure if it is cause I have both boys on a Monday, or is it just digging out from a fun weekend? Either way, I only got through half my list and even made some brain farts like handing my wife mayo when she asked for margarine at dinner. Maybe it was a Father’s Day hangover as many dads were calling it today? Regardless, the weather was sunny and a lot of fun was had. There was even a new belt being worn by a certain growing boy.

Wow that is sure a tease for Day 53 riding the PL.

Who: Harrison

Our son Harry is going to be 4 in September, but he already has the height and length of a 5-year old. That makes it hard on the old pants selection. The length is not a problem but keeping the pants up is. He has many pairs that are perfectly fine for ankles but after one step, they fall down. Today, we added a belt. We finally found a belt that fits him. Happy days. So today he wore this awesome pair of jeans that look nicer than any I have. The belt was great and he was happy to be wearing it. Of course, it comes time to go to the bathroom and it means teaching him how to use it. He prefers the pull it down approach which works for now.

Where: Back yard

Both boys were up early from afternoon naps so we hit the back yard with the dog. We played fetch for a good hour. Bosco the dog was drained. I think he is still sleeping. It is great to involves the boys and the dog as it tires everyone out. They are a funny trio. Bosco stopped to poop and both boys burst out in laughter at the same time like they had never seen it before.

Why: All the fish got eaten

We had fish and chips tonight and the whole box of fish got eaten in one fell swoop. Why? Because that is Harrison’s fave dish and he ate a huge dinner. I don’t know what we are going to do once Charlie eats food. We are going to be put on pretty good diets as adults because the boys are going to eat all the food.

What: Oh deer

As we were eating dinner, a deer of all things strolled by on the walking trail behind our house. My wife at first was like, that’s a big dog. We have seen a deer a few times as we live close to a wooded area where deer are pretty normal. This really was great for Harry to see. Of course we had to do 20 questions about the deer. Where is he? What is he doing? Is he back? What is he eating? Oh dear.

Photo of the Day

Bad ass belt my friend

From the Internet

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