Day 50: Who Wants To Go Camping?

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Today was one of the more fun days I have had with the boys in some time. It was raining all day, so that meant I had to get creative. I did not want Harry just watching TV shows and getting annoyed that he could not go out and ride his bike. The idea came to me this morning. We were going camping.

Harry does not go to preschool on Wednesday and it turns out that tends to be the day they do fun stuff. Today it was going to be PJ and movie day. He was bummed. So I had to make a day just as fun for him here.

My parents bought him a 2-man tent last year and we had yet to use it. I have been waiting for a string on nice days to put it in the yard. Well, I could not wait anymore. We set it up in the living room and went camping for the day.

Pretty cool for Day 50 on the PL. Wow 50 days already? Do I get a gold watch?

Who: Harrison

Like I said, we did the camping thing in the living room. Harrison spent a good part of the day in the tent. Reading, playing with toys, eating his lunch and watching a movie on the nearby computer. There was hiding from mom and even laying down for a rest. Just a few minutes ago he asked if he could sleep in there overnight. We said no as the tent is right in the middle of our house. Soon it will be outside. Anyways, the tent was a hit with Harry boy. I think he forgot all about movie day at school. Well until dinner when he remembered and had to wear his PJ’s before he ate.

Where: Chapters

I had the car and it was raining, so there were not a lot of options. Harrison requested the book store, so we headed over to the Bayers Lake Chapters. They have a great kid’s section, so I knew this would eat up the morning. We packed up and ventured out. The store was actually full of dads and their kids. We owned the place! Nice work dads, nice work. Harrison did some make believe cooking and played with cars. We also took a walk around looking for other books for dad. Harry finally got moody, so we had to leave. Man it was windy outside. If you ever need somewhere to go with your kids on a rainy day, this particular Chapters is the place.

Why: Tummy ache

Harrison was complaining of a tummy ache ever since nap. He seems fine otherwise so I suspect it was too much snack or maybe lunch did not agree with him. I mean, Dora pasta can’t be the best. But hey, it was whole wheat?  Give me a break, I was feeling lazy. Anyways, he has gone to bed and we will see if it passes in the morning. Hopefully it was just food and he did not catch a bug.

What: Skype with parents

Because the boys were in the tent a lot today, I had to show my parents as they got the tent for Harrison. So we had a Skype chat live from the tent. That was fun. My parents got a real kick out of that and Harrison was actually chatty with them for a change. They talked about parrots mostly.

Photo of the Day

Watching a movie together.


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