Day 49: Bath Time Is Fun Time

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

It is a rainy Wednesday morning over here, one boy is napping and one is watching a show. The perfect time to catch up on yesterday. I was pretty drained last night for some reason and the thought of sitting at the computer was painful. So what did I do? I sat at the computer last night and instead of blogging, I participated in a Twitter chat with other dads. I had never done that and it was pretty interesting. It certainly was a great way to interact and add to my followers list. Anyways, then I went downstairs and watched the Spurs put a 36-point beat down on the LeBron James and the Heat. Great way to end the day.

The weather was dull and Charlie was pretty content to hang around the house for the day. Not an exciting day on the PL, but it was fun.

Who: Harrison

When I picked Harry up from school, it was pretty normal and we were walking home. Then I noticed his right eye getting puffy. It was weird. Nothing happened to cause that. At least what I saw. Once we got home, Katie also noticed the puffy eye. Of course getting a real reason out of Harry is hard. He either says he does not want to talk about it, or he says something that seems pretty unlikely. We called school just to check. Nothing. So at some point in the last few minutes of the day he bumped his face. He looked like he had been in a fight or walked into a door handle. Anyways, boys will be boys and my guess is they were riding the bikes down hills and crashing into stuff. It was not bothering him, but it sure was puffy. This morning he looks like a boxer the morning after.

Where: Lower Belchers Marsh

Took Charlie and Bosco for a walk to lower Belchers Marsh. All of the rain we have had has certainly flooded the area. It was muddy, buggy and slushy. Bosco liked it but the bugs were a little much for me. It is nice over there. A little bridge and another hidden trail that makes you feel you are in a forest for a few minutes. I don’t think there will be a walk today.

Why: Cleaning out the Egg

It just could not get the Big Green Egg to light last night. Then I remembered that every now and then you actually have to clean it out. You need to take out all the leftover ash from the bottom. Once I did that, sure enough it fired right up. We had burgers and salad. Another winning meal from the Egg.

What: Bath time

Katie was going out with a friend and it was bath night for Charlie. To make things easier for me, I decided to do my first dual bath with the boys. That was a lot of fun. They certainly enjoy each other. They passed toys around, splashed and everything was going great until Harry decided he was going to wash the shampoo out of Charlie’s hair. Just picture one kid pouring a boat of water over the other kid’s head. Brothers! It was actually a lot easier than two separate baths. I look forward to more.

Photo of the Day

Isn’t this fun Charlie.


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