Day 44: We Got Thunderstruck


Monday, Monday. Always a tiring start to the week after a full weekend with the family. However, all that sun and fun on the weekend must have hit the boys hard. They both slept in past 7 am today. Awesome sauce for dad. It was great to sleep in a little with the cool breeze blowing in. In fact it was a cold breeze and a fog that made it feel like we were on the bluffs of Scotland. Today, for all intensive purposes was a cake walk. Easy all around. But it was tiring for some reason. Maybe it was the bland weather, or maybe I was still gassed from the weekend? Or maybe I am a light weight and I was still feeling the aftermath of two Harp tall boys for dinner. Whatever the reason, the day was all about being lazy and cleaning up the house. I took last week off from cleaning pretty much and well, as we looked around, it was showing.

On to Day 44.

Who: Charlie

Today was Charlie’s 8-month anniversary! I can’t believe it. The little guy is 8-months already. Time is moving WAY too fast for me. He is going to be walking, driving and putting us in a home before I know it. There were no real celebrations, after all 8-months is not a real milestone, but it is still worth nothing. I think 9 months is a bigger deal as it is the same time out as he was in. Still, the time is speeding by way faster with kid 2 than with kid 1.

Where: Front garden

Today, the boys and I focused our attention on the front garden. There is not that much to do, but there was some definite weeding to take care of. God I hate those little weeds that just make everything look cluttered. I dug and pulled, Harry swept the dirt and Charlie, well he just sat there and looked like a construction worker on a Tim Hortons break. We got a good chunk done before the rain started so that felt good. Hopefully this week I can get it all done and maybe we can add some plants to the mix soon.

Why: Playpen

I dug the playpen out today and set it up in the living room for Charlie. Now that he is 8-months, I figured he needed his own space. A place to chill out after a long day of napping and eating. All his favourite toys are in there and it is situated nicely so he has a vantage point of the living room and kitchen. He is a guy who needs to know what is going on, so it is perfect. Harry must have been feeling a little nostalgia because he asked to get in as well. It was funny seeing the two brothers sitting in there whispering. I can only imagine what they will be like in the future.

What: Mega thunder

Today in Halifax there was a late afternoon thunderstorm. This thunder was pretty big. One clap shook our house and got the dog all riled up. I personally love thunderstorms and the loud cracks of noise. I did not see any lightning but the reaction on Twitter tells me there were some beauty bolts out there. The boys, they did not wake up at all from the monster naps. Good to know. Loud noises won’t wake them up.

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Say Anything in 2013.


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