Day 39: Kids Were Not Feeling So Sleepy


Oh Day 39, so close to 40. On this day, everyone was tired. Why? Well the day started at 5:30 am. Sounds about right for this dad who is still enjoying life on the PL.

Pretty quiet day although the naps were short and dad was pretty tired. It felt like a day where I did not get anything taken care of. I guess that is what Tuesday is for once Harrison goes back to school

The Spurs won, the Hawks won and Rob Ford’s world is falling apart by the minute. Now for what happened on the home front.

Who: Harrison

The kid is loving apples. I mean LOVING apples. It used to be slices and now it is whole apples. On Saturday he asked for an apple and before slicing it up, he said, no I want it whole. So we gave it to him and he picked away at it until it was just a core. He asked about the seeds and the core and if we did not stop him, he probably would have eaten those too. Yes, he had a tummy ache for most of the day after but the love of apples has blossomed. For lunch yesterday, he once again powered down a whole apple. Nice work guy. I guess the doctor will be staying away from Harry.

Where: The garden

Yesterday was a perfect garden day. Overcast, somewhat mild and not raining. The boys and I spent a good hour in the back yard digging weeds, adding to the garden rock wall and cleaning up the sandbox. I took it to those darn dandelions and the lawn is almost clear of them. Of course there are little dirt holes everywhere, but they will fill in soon enough. Harrison had a great time weeding and tending to his garden. He really likes to use the rake, shovel and the weed shooter (dandelion picker). The lawn is all set to be cut today and then we can keep working on the rock wall. It is funny how when Katie comes home that he wants to show her all the garden work he did.

Why: Feeling dizzy

After Katie was home from work and before dinner, we went over to the loop for more bike riding. Harry went around so many times, he said we had to go home cause he was all dizzy. Don’t worry, he did not fall over once.

What: Fish sticks

Is what we had for lunch on Day 39. Harry was pretty tired and impatient after all the gardening and must have asked me 45 times if the sticks were ready. He then proceeded to wolf them down with large amounts of ketchup. Charlie watched while all he had was some rice crackers. One day Charlie, one day.

Photo of the Day

Charlie and Iron Man.


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