Day 31: Don’t You Steal My Sunshine

Day 31, hoo baby what a ride so far.

It is getting to the point where daily readers know everything that goes on. Do I need better material? Nope. Our two boys are all that is needed when it comes to what to write about.

But some days are just hard to write. Some days there is no gas left in the tank or you would rather just move straight to the couch when the kids are finally asleep.

That usually happens to me on Tuesday it seems. Not that end of the week, but Tuesday. Why?

Well Saturday, Sunday and  Monday are full days with both boys so I guess once Harry goes back to school, it is a nice break to regroup and rest up for the rest of the week.

Maybe yesterday it was because the weather was pretty cold and rainy.

So what did happen while I was hope with Charlie?

Yesterday I spent some time doing some actual work for my job as they needed a hand. I had to review an inbound guide and offer my thoughts and notes.

I also took care of some blog maintenance which is always exciting.

Oh and I listened to a lot of sports talk radio as I really, really, needed to hear all about the Leafs collapse of 2013.

Charlie did do one thing that was pretty exciting/scary. I saw that he threw his fave toys off the couch on to the floor. In a split second he decided he was going to get them and was off on a journey to the floor.

He rolled and kind of did a small flip and landing on his back. He was okay but it was the first time I saw him purposely set out to leave the couch. He has done it before but those were more of an accident. This kid is ready to go places it seems.

The good news for him is that he was okay and he got his toys in the end.

After nap we went to pick up Harry at school and heard all about how he learned how to zip up his coat himself.

In the end it was another routine day on the PL. Sorry there was not more for you to sink your teeth into but that is how it goes sometimes.

I am sure there are much more exciting things to come.