Day 128: Batteries Everywhere Were Running Low



Well, it has been a week since I last checked in from the PL. Time is flying and as my time on parental leave runs out, I have been blogging less and really trying to soak up all the moments and experiences.

Today was one that I will try to avoid soaking up. More like ring it out and hope it never happens again.

To catch some of you up, Charlie has been sick for almost a week. A head cold, fever, couch and all that wonder that comes when a baby picks up a germ.

He has not been eating, drinking or even playing like a normal Charlie. Some days he is hotter than a curling iron and others he just lies on the floor like a door stop.

But, somehow he managed to pull off staying at daycare all day yesterday. Then he slept 12 hours over night.

So all should have been good right?

Nope. He woke up again today roasting like a chicken and had a moustache made of mucus.

How will I get him to daycare today?

Well the good news is, I had to take Harrison anyways, so it was worth a shot.

We all got ready and packed and hit the road. I have been managing to get out the door around 7:45 am.

We dropped Charlie off and updated the ladies on how he was feeling.

Then I dropped Harrison off in his room. Well, I did not even get out of the building before they tracked me down to say Charlie had a 103 F temp. Great.

So I had a choice. Leave him and hope Advil would work or just take him home. I went with the second choice because I did not really want to come back again in an hour.

So we left.

Homeward bound.

Well I felt duped. Once we got in the door, Charlie was cooler, playing and even laughing. He just wanted to have a day home with dad like old times.

After some playing and a bottle, Charlie had a monster three-hour nap. That should have helped? He woke up worse. Couching, rubbing his ears and had some green crap in his eyes.

Okay it was time to get serious. Walk-in clinic time.

We packed up and went up the road.

The first clinic was sadly on lunch for an hour. Strike one.

We headed down the road to the next one and they were open and there was roughly seven people ahead of us.

We waited and waited and waited. Charlie was a well behaved guy thankfully.

Finally we got moved to the next room to wait.

Then it was time. Doctor!

A few checks here, a few listens there and we were out the door with a prescription.

Perfect. We would be home, drugged up and napping in no time. Or so I thought.

We had to go over to the drug store to get the prescription filled.

That will be 30 minutes. Boo.

But I did get one of the those vibrating things like you get at a popular chain restaurant. So I decided we should hang out in the car instead of walking the store for 30 minutes.

So we played in the car, had a bottle and just chilled out. No biggie, just another 30 minutes added to our little outing.

We picked up the drug s and headed back to the car.

Let’s go.


One turn of the key brought on this painful clicking noise. I tried again. The clock in the car reset.

Uh oh.

Seemed like a dead battery? WTF.

I called CAA and they said yep sounds like you need a boost. More like a hard drink at this point.

So that would be another hour. Back to entertaining the sick boy.

Somehow he kept his cool and was not that bad.

Finally 45 minutes later Mr. CAA showed and did his thing.

Car started, everything was gold and we were on our way.

Wow what an adventure.

So we got home by 3:30 pm. I drugged up Charlie and put him down for  a much needed nap. Sadly, I would have to wake him up in an hour to go and get Harrison.

Yep, pretty quiet day huh?

The update is, both kids are sleeping and both seem in great spirits. We Skyped with Katie (their mom) who is in Toronto for work. That seemed to do the same as the castaways seeing their family videos 20 days into Survivor. The boys were much happier after talking to mom.

By the way, Survivor is what I will be watching tonight if I can stay awake.

Charlie seems much better. He had almost all of his bottles today and had a gross amount of spaghetti for dinner. I hope to see his smiling face in the morning and not a big glob of snot.

So that was today. It was going to be a quiet day with no kids where I was going to get all of this stuff done. Nope.

Oh well, I got to hang with my boy Charlie like we have done for the past six months. Can’t complain about that.

Oh and for those of you waiting for a recap of the Manitoba trip, I will get to it.