A Dad’s Life: Being a Stay at Home Parent

Here is my monthly post I submit to HRM Parent. For this one I looked back on how much I enjoyed my brief time as a stay at home dad and talk about how I would love to do it again.

A Dad’s Life: Being a Stay at Home Parent

It has been almost 6 months since my parental leave ended and a common question I get is, would I do it again, meaning be a stay at home dad?

The answer without even thinking about it would be, yes!

Why, you ask? Well, as they say in the Lego Movie, everything is awesome.

Here are 5 reason why I would go back to staying home with the kids if the opportunity presented itself again.

1. You get to see and experience so much when it comes to watching your kids grow. Now this might be a bigger deal in the early years, but I would guess even when the kids are older, there are things you get to be a part of that would not be true if you were at work. One thing I have noticed since being back at work is the small amount of time you get to see your kids in their element. Most weeknights, everyone is tired, everything is rushed and bedtime comes so fast.

2. I fully enjoy managing the house. The laundry, taking the kids where they need to be, the cooking and whatever else needs to be done. Sure they are chores, but I certainly don’t mind doing them. Again, since being back at work, I do miss getting to cook as much as I used to. Of course this includes a lot of playtime and coming up with fun things for the kids to do other than watching screens.

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