My Conversation With Amir Johnson Of The Toronto Raptors

Amir tests out the Swiffer WetJet

Yes, that’s right, this everyday dad got to talk on the phone with one of the stars of the Toronto Raptors.

Amir Johnson is known for his hard work on the court. Taking charges, rebounding the ball and never quitting. He has even hit some impressive three pointers in his day.

But my chance to talk with the NBA star, was not about hoops. It was about a movement he is leading that is going to put the spotlight on men who clean.

Johnson is the ambassador for the #ManClean movement.

Johnson has partnered with Swiffer to change the definition of Man Clean, encouraging men (like you) to boast about their cleaning swagger.

As a dad with two very active sons, the house gets messy fast. I don’t deal well with clutter and mess, so I am always tidying, sweeping and cleaning up.

When there are new products to help me do that, I say sign me up. That is why I enjoy Swiffer’s line of cleaning tools.

Anyways, back to my phone chat with Amir.

As a Raptors fan (since day 1), I jumped at the chance to talk to him. Even if it was only going to be for 15 minutes.

So here is my interview with him from earlier today. I wish I had the audio, but this will have to do.


After exchanging pleasantries, how the day was going and who I was, we got down to some hard-hitting questions. I made him laugh, I surprised him with my fandom and even got some scoops for the upcoming season. Oh and we had to talk about Drake.

Q1: Why did you want to lead the #ManClean movement?

Amir: I felt I was the best guy for the job. I clean the boards, I clean the glass on the court and I wanted to help give guys who clean a good name. This movement will empower men to boast about their cleaning habits. We tend to get a bad rep when it comes to cleaning around the house, so I just wanted to help out. I want to spread the #ManClean message worldwide.

Q2: Who does most of the cleaning in your house?

Amir: When I have the time, I do all of the cleaning myself. When I am on the go, traveling etc. I do have a maid that helps me out. I enjoy cleaning, especially using these Swiffer products.

Q3: What did you work on in the summer to get ready for the season?

Amir: I was actually in Houston working out with Hakeem Olajuwon for two weeks. He was teaching me some new moves, mostly in the post. I may even break out the “dream shake” during the season.

Q4: What can fans expect this season?

Amir: Ah man, we want to get back to where we were last season. Go deeper into the playoffs and feed off of all the excitement in the city. I think we have the right chemistry to get it done. We are all very excited to get going again.

Q5: We know that Drake (Toronto’s Global Ambassador) loves the lint roller. Do you think he swiffers?

Amir: Well if he likes a clean house and has the time, I bet he does. Keeping your house dust free is easy with Swiffer’s line of products. If you are on the go all the time like Drake, he may not get a chance to clean up.

Q6: I have followed your career ever since your days in Detroit. I know Rasheed Wallace was a mentor for you. What did you learn from him that you still do today?

Amir: Ah wow, really. Yeah I learned a lot from Sheed. He always said to play hard and do everything hard. I still do that today, playing my hardest all the time. He taught me to keep the ball up high, so the little guards could not steal it. That’s why his shooting release was so high.

Q7: What is your favourite Swiffer product from all that you have been using?

Amir: Definitely the wet jet for cleaning floors. It’s so easy and it makes everything shiny and smelling fresh.

We closed up the conversation with me wishing him all the best. Then Charlie joined in and said hi. That was pretty cool.

I want to thank Amir Johnson for taking the time to chat. I have always known he was a fun and social guy by seeing his social media skills, but talking to him really showed me that he is just a guy having a dream life playing basketball.

Good luck this season.

Want to learn more about Amir and his #ManClean movement? Check out the official site and enter to win a trip to Toronto to spend time with Amir.